Sunday, October 31, 2010

CNY Roller Derby Zombies invade The Green Onion!

Our photographer friend Marc Goldberg asked us if we would be willing to combine 4 of our favorite things: derby girls, zombies, The Green Onion Pub, and of course Marc!

On 10/25/2010 the ladies of CNY Roller Derby gathered at Mean Squeak's place to get 'zombied up' and then continued over to South Utica's favorite neighborhood bar, The Green Onion, for photos.

You'll need a facebook account to view these:
'Becoming Undead' album, or, 'how zombies are born'

Green Onion Photos

Thanks Marc and the Green Onion for letting us live out our zombie dreams:)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CNYRD Presents Donation to YWCA of Mohawk Valley!

Last night, the hard work of CNYRD and the support of our awesome fans paid off for the YWCA of Mohawk Valley. Little Bastard, the league's Chairwomen, presented a donation of $1230 to Natalie Brown, the Executive Director of the YWCA, in front of the Mayor of Utica and the marchers gathered for Take Back the Night.

Over the 2010 season, the league collected one dollar from each ticket sold at our home bouts at the JFK Civic Arena in Rome to put toward our end-of-the-season donation to the YWCA's domestic violence programs. Little Bastard, addressing the crowd last night, explained that we selected the YWCA because both CNYRD and the YWCA share a commitment to the empowerment of women. And it was fitting that we were able to present our donation at Take Back the Night because the annual march is devoted to stopping sexual assault and abuse. Frisky Whiskey, Mean Squeak, Willa Crasher, Doris Doomsday, and Cereal Suicide presented the check with Little Bastard.

Friday, October 1, 2010

BIG NEWS for Central New York derby fans!!!

As of November 2010, Central New York Roller Derby will have a new structure. The public has been awesome in supporting our teams, The Utica Clubbers and The Blue Collar Betties. Since our beginnings we have wanted to represent the entire region in flat track roller derby, and we have always felt guilty that only The Utica Clubbers were representing CNYRD to the outside derby world, since we are so much bigger than just Utica in our membership. The Utica Clubbers name was conceived before we ever had the idea of CNYRD as a league name, and so we just stuck to it. Earlier this year we started The Blue Collar Betties as a B-team, and they have done amazing both at home and away of showcasing our newer skaters to the derby world. But as we grow, things must change, and this change is pretty exciting!

As of the end of our 2010 competition season in September, we have had a HUGE influx of membership. We had a wonderful newbie class graduate in August, and also gained experienced transfer skaters from as far away as Georgia and as close to home as Utica and Syracuse in surprising numbers. Our current newbie class set to graduate in December has over 40 new skaters currently. On September 1st CNYRD announced that we finally met our biggest goal since our founding; to officially represent our region in WFTDA sanctioned play. Because of all of these exciting changes, we are also changing up how we roll!

Starting November 2010, CNYRD will have a third league team established. They will be known as 'The Rome Wreckers'.

The three existing teams, The Utica Clubbers, The Blue Collar Betties, and The Rome Wreckers, will make up the new Central New York Roller Derby League as 'home' teams, all of which will be chosen by draft pick from our entire current membership. When our league competes against outside leagues for standings, we will compete as the CNY All-Stars travel team, made up of the best skaters from all three league teams.

Our 2011 season will be comprised of both travel team and home team bouts. You can expect a running round-robin season of games between our home teams which will culminate in a championship bout to name the CNYRD 2011 league champion team. Our travel team bouts will feature other leagues' travel teams vs the CNY All-Stars.

Congradulations to Slay West, Gutshot, and Moody Obsession on being elected our 2010-2011 home team captains!!!

We cant wait to see you at our first intra-leauge bout of 2011! Come cheer for your favorite girl(s) or team! Stay tuned for information on team rosters, and schedule!!!