Friday, April 30, 2010

Utica Clubbers unveil new logo!!!!

When we held our Blue Collar Betties' logo contest, we never expected such a great outpouring of talent. Rob Perry's BCB logo jumped out as the best for that theme, but one other entry caught our eye so much that we could not ignore it. So much so that we wanted it for the Clubbers!
Darrell Nieman submitted a logo based around 2 pairs of brass knuckles sitting back to back like a butterfly, and it occurred to us that this would be an amazing Clubbers' logo. Darrell, who has worked with the league before on photo projects and designed our Blue Collar Betties debut poster, 'Attack of the Killer B's' (and future 2010 season bout posters!), was kind enough to edit his logo to suit the Clubbers, and the result is the graphic you see here.
This decision was made in conjunction with the Clubbers getting their team uniforms, made by our great friends Auntie Panty and NastyNiss at The new logo will debut on the girls new uniforms at the May 8th double header bout.

We will continue to use our trademark Utica Clubbers' girlfight logo, and UC text script, authored by the amazing Stacey Martin, which along with the CNYRD pinup girl has been the backbone of our branding in the 2+ years we have been publishing them. The new logo will also be available on merch one of the first to get them at a bout soon!

Thanks SO much Darrell for your patience with our many requests and your ability to fit our needs into a very busy schedule. We are very excited to showcase your work!

CNYRD has a Little League Team!!!!

This is SOOOOOO cool!
In Westmoreland NY, there is a little league baseball team called 'Central New York Roller Derby'. It is coached by Tim Harrison (CNYRD's own ref 'Brown Bomber'), Chris Harris, and Marty Fredsell.
Please come out and support 'our' team! They start their season May 1st with a parade which starts at the town green and end at the little league field where they will play their first game. There is also tee ball, minor B, and girls softball.
We at CNYRD are so excited to be considered role models enough for a kids' sports team to wear our name. Please come out to support Westmoreland Little League's season, and you'll most likely see a bunch of rowdy rollergirls there cheering our team on. Go Central New York Roller Derby (baseball) !!!!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

May 8th: Double Header!!! 2 Bouts for for the price of one!!

On May 8th, 2010, please join us at JFK Arena in Rome, NY for a monumental evening. The main event will be CNYRD's Utica Clubbers vs. NH's Skate Free Or Die in 'Momma Said Knock You Out!' a Mother's Day tribute to moms, starting at 7pm. The doors will open at 4:30pm. Why so early you ask? Well, to make room for the FIRST EVER ALL MEN'S ROLLER DERBY BOUT IN CENTRAL NY HISTORY (of course!)!!!

With the growing surge of interest in men's roller derby, we have asked our friends The Quadfathers to hold their own event just before ours. The Quadfathers put out the rally cry and the other northeast men's teams responded big time. We will have guys there from Albany Men's Roller Derby, Central Mass Roller Derby's Mass Maelstrom, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby's Dirty Dozen, NYC's New York Shock Exchange, and our very own Quadfathers. This is your chance to see what guys derby is like, and do it all for the same price as a normal bout ticket! There will be Quadfathers on hand to answer your questions and give out info on skating.

Where: JFK Arena, 500 West Embargo St, Rome, NY
When: Saturday May 8th 2010. Doors at 4:30pm, Guys at 5:30pm, Girls at 7pm
Who: The Utica Clubbers vs Skate Free Or Die, mixed teams men's bout
How Much?: $10 advance sale, $12 at the door. Advance sale tickets will be available after 4/25 via CLICK HERE, and at the Tramontaine Cafe and Cafe Domenico in Utica, and soon-to-be-announced Rome locations. under 10 and over 65 yrs old are FREE!
Just a reminder that $1 of every ticket sold at the door goes to YWCA Mohawk Valley's Domestic Violence programs.

Special for Mother's Day: Mothers who bring their children (all ages!) will receive a free raffle ticket to win an amazing Mother's Day gift basket from all of our sponsors! Don't miss it!

Trackside seating will fill up quick! Bring your fold-up chairs!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bout Recap, 4/24/2010 Blue Collar Betties vs. Corporal Punishers

On Saturday 4/24/2010, CNY Roller Derby hosted the debut bout of our second team, The Blue Collar Betties (BCB's), who took on Jerzey Derby Brigade's Corporal Punishers. Our loyal fans proved that the CNYRD season opener was no fluke, and packed the parking lots of JFK Arena in Rome NY to capacity and then some. Estimates for attendance ranged around 400 people.
Both teams had a mix of experienced and new skaters. The BCB roster was made up of 7 skaters who had seen competition at least once before, 3 of whom had seen play time on the Utica Clubbers at least once in the past. The BCB's had 7 skaters making their competition debut for this bout including: Willa Crasher, Rainbow Blight, Bitter Swede, Nik O'Lateral Damage, Mellfire, Nite Brawler, and E-Gore.
The first period started slow, as both teams were sizing each other up for strength and speed. Jam #3 saw both teams pick up the pace and the scoring really started.
NJ held a constant lead the first half, held close by the BCB's defense.
A first period injury to the knee of NJ's #33 Doom Hilda had the arena fall silent. Luckily, Doom was able ice it an continue playing later in the game.
The second half saw NJ break away to a larger margin, keeping approximately 40 points in front of the BCB's for most of the second half.

Overall, the BCB's fell to NJ by a score of 113-68.

For the BCB's, scoring was hugely the result of Hot Cakes' 32 points and Murder Antoinette's 16 points, followed by E-Gore, Doris Doomsday, and Rage Against Marie with a handful each. For NJ, Veronika Gettsburger tore it up, scoring a walloping 57 points in the game, followed by an also impressive 33 points by Assault Shaker. Also scoring were Glitter Box and Bruta Lee.

This bout marked the (temporary) retirement of BCB skater Rage Against Marie, who will be going back to school starting this summer. MVP's of the bout were Rage Against Marie and Veronika Gettsburger.

CNYRD would like to thank all of our volunteers for making this happen...we've got the best ref and NSO crew we could ever dream of. A big thank you to ref Starsky for coming up with the NJ girls, too. Thank you also to DJ DeafGeoff for keeping it rockin', and as always to the staff of JFK arena for letting us take over your building for the summer!

Also a big congratulations is in order for our beloved Blue Collar Betties for making it through their first bout as a team. You girls were awesome! It only makes you better to skate against a better team.

As if it was any surprise, the afterparty at DelVecchios was amazing as always...tasty food, copious drinks, an amazing dance party, Elvis making an appearance, some woman falling off the back of a fast moving motorcycle, and a bunch of sweaty crazy rollergirls. Rome doesnt know what to do with us! :)

Thanks to the Corporal Punishers for hanging out and being awesome. We can't wait for the re-match in NJ in August!

Photos from Rob Perry

(If you have links to photos, videos, commentary, etc from the bout, please email us at and we will add them here!)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mellfire on Kiss 105.5FM with S-Dot TODAY btwn 4-5pm

Tune in TODAY between 4-5pm on Kiss 105.5FM to hear CNYRD's own MellFire talking with our most awesome announcer/friend/radio DJ/talent scout/fashion consultant, S-Dot! We're not going to make any assumptions, but tomorrow's bout might get mentioned;)
You can also listen online HERE!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rome ticketing outlets coming soon!

We have received such an AMAZING response from the fine people of Rome NY from our season opener that we wanted to put this out there ASAP- we are working like crazy to make pre-sale tickets available at Rome businesses for upcoming bouts. We have had at least 2 business already offer to sell them for us. We are just waiting on printed tickets to get in their hands.
We are SOOOOOO excited to be given such a warm reception in Rome, and we promise we will make sure you have a way to get tickets at the cheaper advanced sale prices.
For this Saturday's bout, please use our online ticketing sponsors,, by clicking HERE.

We will release Rome ticketing locations as soon as we have them in place.

If you or your business would like to help us sell tickets for this seasons bouts, please contact us at

Just a reminder, for the 2010 season, under 10 yrs old and over 65 are FREE. $1 of every ticket sold at the door is being donated to the YWCA Mohawk Valley's Domestic Violence programs.

Interleague Scrimmage with Albany All-Stars 4/18/2010

On Sunday 4/18/2010 CNYRD was excited to host members of Albany All-Stars Roller Derby during our normal practice time for an interleague scrimmage. Congratulations to AASRD on a win of approximately 102-57.
CNYRD's scrimmage roster consisted of a mix of Clubbers and Blue Collar Betties, along with some brand new skaters competing outside the league for the first time. The scrimmage also marked the first time out of ref stripes of Die-Lon, who bench coached CNYRD. Some highlights included:
Hot Cakes' multiple succesful trips to the jammer line; Chiropractor giving and taking some huge hits; a return to the everlasting Little Bastard vs. Merry Pain rivalry (we love you Merry Pain!); Sin & Tonic's amazing ability to be heard over 40 loud rollergirls (and refs!), and a failed trip to Denny's after the scrimmage which resulted in a 1.5 hour wait followed by a short rental of Denny's food with a lot of after-Sunday-church folks looking at us kinda funny.
We had an awesome time, thanks AASRD for coming out!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interleague Scrimmage with Assault City 4/13/2010

CNYRD had the pleasure of hosting the wonderful ladies of Assault City Roller Derby of Syracuse, NY during our practice time on Tuesday April 13th for a scrimmage. The Blue Collar Betties were in full force in preparation for their upcoming debut bout on 4/24 with members of the Clubbers' on hand as bench staff and support.
Out of the whole team, only a handful had seen competition outside of CNYRD, so this was super exciting. The scores stayed pretty constant the first half, with Assault maintaining an approx 15 point lead. The second half saw Assault break away to win approx 120-80.
We are SO proud of our Blue Collar Betties for going up against a more experienced team and playing hard! You girls looked great out there and played amazing!
Thanks so much to Assault City for making the trek out. We hope to do it again soon, and hopefully more regularly.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CNYRD and CT Rollergirls in Video by All Things Connecticut

What a nice surprise! Our friends and mentors, the wonderful CT Rollergirls, were recently featured in a video news piece made by the folks at 'All Things Connecticut'. Many of the clips feature highlights of the Clubbers' 11/7/20009 bout vs. CTRG's Yankee Brutals in CT.
Click HERE to watch

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Announcing CNYRD's newest sponsors!

Becca King of Shine Massage is now the official massage therapist of CNY Roller Derby. If you're looking for a relaxing way to get rid of aches and pains, please contact Becca here. If she can make us feel better after a hard bout, she can take care of you, too!

Fran Wagner of Razzle Dazzle Costume Company has also signed on as an official CNYRD sponsor. You may recognize Fran as our #1 cheerleader with her friend Coco the Clown from the season opener this past weekend. Fran is helping the Blue Collar Betties out with their uniform customizations, and you may even see some CNYRD flavor in RazzleDazzle's new storefront, coming to 250 Genessee St.You can see more and contact Fran through her facebook page, here.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

4/3/2010 Bout Recap: Utica Clubbers 97 - Hellions of Troy 71

On 4/3/2010, CNYRD's Utica Clubbers defeated the Hellions of Troy 97-71.
We will update this news entry with more links to more text coverage, pictures, and video as they become available. Thanks to all our amazing fans for packing JFK with awesome energy, and to the fabulous gals from Troy and all their friends for coming out. It was a great season kickoff!

Article by Jay Flemma (Golf Magazine, Sports Illustrated)
Pictures by Ramon Aiello
Pictures by Duane Isenberg
Pictures by Rob Perry

Video of Gutshot's TRIPLE GRAND SLAM!!!
Video of Hot Cakes' game closing jammer debut (by Viktor Korovaynyk)
Video from Juggernaut Janice at the bout

If you see more interesting stuff from this bout that you would like added, please tip us off by email at

Greater Utica Area officially renamed 'Central New York'!

Back in December 2007, when a group of us decided there was enough interest to start and run our own roller derby league in the Utica-Rome area, we had a dilemma on our hands: Our players did not represent one city, and all were very proud of their roots. No one from Rome or Remsen wanted to skate on a league that only represented Utica or Rome. So we settled on the name 'Central New York Roller Derby' as a way to fairly represent our area the best we could.
We were worried that some friends and fans and other leagues would take exception, because they felt like we were perhaps overstepping our bounds by defining our league as the representatives of a region whose definitions were not uh......'exact' by any means. Of course, our intention was not to step on any toes. At the time we were the only roller derby league in the Utica-Rome area. Our stance was that we thought the Utica-Rome area was as geographically central as possible, and that we considered the I-90 corridor, from just West of Albany to just East of Syracuse (and outlying areas) to be 'Central New York'.

And now our wonderful state representatives have done away with the issue for us! We couldn't be happier!
Read the full article text from WKTV

Friday, April 2, 2010

Season Opener article from Utica's Observer Dispatch

Anne Delanay of Utica's Observer Dispatch wrote a great sports section piece on our season opener. Thanks for taking the time to ask questions, Anne. We love that the area is starting to take roller derby as a real sport, and we can't wait for more people to see how fun the bouts are. Virgo Bat-tering Ram, MellFire, and Little Bastard interviewed. Read the full interview HERE.

Men's Derby! Come support our boys!

Our friends 'The Quadfathers' are bringing men's roller derby to the CNY region! You can pick up information from them at our home bouts this season. Their first practice will take place at JFK arena in Rome, NY on Saturday April 10th from 5:30-7:30pm.

The Quadfathers are a separate league/team from CNYRD altogether. CNYRD is not co-ed, but the two groups mutually support each other and share newbie training duties and some practice times.

From grambo, one of our refs and Quadfathers' founder:
Everyone who is interested is welcome to attend Quadfathers' practice. There are no league affiliation issues, girls or guys. There are rental skates ($5) & loaner safety gear (free but stinky) available to give it a try. All we ask is to bring a couple dollars to throw in to cover our practice time. We accept your unrolled coins :) We play by WFTDA rules, which includes everyone wearing full safety gear (helmet, kneepads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and mouthguard) and passing skating assessments before being allowed to scrimmage/bout.
All participants will need to sign a waiver. Guys who want to compete as a Quadfathers' team member will need to purchase skating insurance.
You do NOT need to be a great skater to play. We will train you! Guys who need basic training can also attend fresh meat practices starting May 18th.
Please contact with questions.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

4/24/2010: Attack of the Killer B's!!!!

Please join CNY Roller Derby on Saturday 4/24/2010 for the debut bout of our B-team, the Blue Collar Betties, as they take on the Jersey Derby Brigade's Corporal Punishers at JFK Arena in Rome NY. Doors at 6pm, whistle at 7pm. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Under 10 yrs and over 65 yrs old are free. Tickets avialable soon at or in person at Cafe Domenico and the TRAM.

May 2010 Recruitment!

CNYRD's next 'open house' recruitment practice is scheduled for Tuesday May 11th 2010. Interested skaters, refs, and volunteers can come and say hello, check out practice, skate with the girls, and have their questions answered about roller derby.

The next round of newbie skating classes will start Tuesday May 18th, and last for 12 weeks. Newbies are required to make at least 10 out of the 12 offered newbie practices. After the 6th practice, they are also allowed to attend and participate in advanced practices.

Please see our website for more detailed recruitment information.

Already an experienced skater? Have a question not answered by our new skater pack? Please contact our recruitment chair, Gutshot

CNYRD participates in United Way's 'Live United' campaign

Members of CNY Roller Derby participated in the United Way's 2010 campaign, 'Live United'. Here's a photo from the shoot. We couldnt be more proud to be selected as a regional organization who United Way asked to help with this.
Pictured left to right: MellFire, Little Bastard, Rooster Lollipop, Mean Squeak.