Friday, April 30, 2010

Utica Clubbers unveil new logo!!!!

When we held our Blue Collar Betties' logo contest, we never expected such a great outpouring of talent. Rob Perry's BCB logo jumped out as the best for that theme, but one other entry caught our eye so much that we could not ignore it. So much so that we wanted it for the Clubbers!
Darrell Nieman submitted a logo based around 2 pairs of brass knuckles sitting back to back like a butterfly, and it occurred to us that this would be an amazing Clubbers' logo. Darrell, who has worked with the league before on photo projects and designed our Blue Collar Betties debut poster, 'Attack of the Killer B's' (and future 2010 season bout posters!), was kind enough to edit his logo to suit the Clubbers, and the result is the graphic you see here.
This decision was made in conjunction with the Clubbers getting their team uniforms, made by our great friends Auntie Panty and NastyNiss at The new logo will debut on the girls new uniforms at the May 8th double header bout.

We will continue to use our trademark Utica Clubbers' girlfight logo, and UC text script, authored by the amazing Stacey Martin, which along with the CNYRD pinup girl has been the backbone of our branding in the 2+ years we have been publishing them. The new logo will also be available on merch one of the first to get them at a bout soon!

Thanks SO much Darrell for your patience with our many requests and your ability to fit our needs into a very busy schedule. We are very excited to showcase your work!

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