Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bout Recap, 4/24/2010 Blue Collar Betties vs. Corporal Punishers

On Saturday 4/24/2010, CNY Roller Derby hosted the debut bout of our second team, The Blue Collar Betties (BCB's), who took on Jerzey Derby Brigade's Corporal Punishers. Our loyal fans proved that the CNYRD season opener was no fluke, and packed the parking lots of JFK Arena in Rome NY to capacity and then some. Estimates for attendance ranged around 400 people.
Both teams had a mix of experienced and new skaters. The BCB roster was made up of 7 skaters who had seen competition at least once before, 3 of whom had seen play time on the Utica Clubbers at least once in the past. The BCB's had 7 skaters making their competition debut for this bout including: Willa Crasher, Rainbow Blight, Bitter Swede, Nik O'Lateral Damage, Mellfire, Nite Brawler, and E-Gore.
The first period started slow, as both teams were sizing each other up for strength and speed. Jam #3 saw both teams pick up the pace and the scoring really started.
NJ held a constant lead the first half, held close by the BCB's defense.
A first period injury to the knee of NJ's #33 Doom Hilda had the arena fall silent. Luckily, Doom was able ice it an continue playing later in the game.
The second half saw NJ break away to a larger margin, keeping approximately 40 points in front of the BCB's for most of the second half.

Overall, the BCB's fell to NJ by a score of 113-68.

For the BCB's, scoring was hugely the result of Hot Cakes' 32 points and Murder Antoinette's 16 points, followed by E-Gore, Doris Doomsday, and Rage Against Marie with a handful each. For NJ, Veronika Gettsburger tore it up, scoring a walloping 57 points in the game, followed by an also impressive 33 points by Assault Shaker. Also scoring were Glitter Box and Bruta Lee.

This bout marked the (temporary) retirement of BCB skater Rage Against Marie, who will be going back to school starting this summer. MVP's of the bout were Rage Against Marie and Veronika Gettsburger.

CNYRD would like to thank all of our volunteers for making this happen...we've got the best ref and NSO crew we could ever dream of. A big thank you to ref Starsky for coming up with the NJ girls, too. Thank you also to DJ DeafGeoff for keeping it rockin', and as always to the staff of JFK arena for letting us take over your building for the summer!

Also a big congratulations is in order for our beloved Blue Collar Betties for making it through their first bout as a team. You girls were awesome! It only makes you better to skate against a better team.

As if it was any surprise, the afterparty at DelVecchios was amazing as always...tasty food, copious drinks, an amazing dance party, Elvis making an appearance, some woman falling off the back of a fast moving motorcycle, and a bunch of sweaty crazy rollergirls. Rome doesnt know what to do with us! :)

Thanks to the Corporal Punishers for hanging out and being awesome. We can't wait for the re-match in NJ in August!

Photos from Rob Perry

(If you have links to photos, videos, commentary, etc from the bout, please email us at and we will add them here!)


  1. We need to give the girl who fell off the back of the moving motorcycle and got back on our recruitment card! Haha!

  2. heck yeah we do!!!
    Too bad I missed that part, we were party poopers sat night :(