Sunday, April 4, 2010

Greater Utica Area officially renamed 'Central New York'!

Back in December 2007, when a group of us decided there was enough interest to start and run our own roller derby league in the Utica-Rome area, we had a dilemma on our hands: Our players did not represent one city, and all were very proud of their roots. No one from Rome or Remsen wanted to skate on a league that only represented Utica or Rome. So we settled on the name 'Central New York Roller Derby' as a way to fairly represent our area the best we could.
We were worried that some friends and fans and other leagues would take exception, because they felt like we were perhaps overstepping our bounds by defining our league as the representatives of a region whose definitions were not uh......'exact' by any means. Of course, our intention was not to step on any toes. At the time we were the only roller derby league in the Utica-Rome area. Our stance was that we thought the Utica-Rome area was as geographically central as possible, and that we considered the I-90 corridor, from just West of Albany to just East of Syracuse (and outlying areas) to be 'Central New York'.

And now our wonderful state representatives have done away with the issue for us! We couldn't be happier!
Read the full article text from WKTV

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