Monday, January 31, 2011

Home Team Rosters

Following from our January 23rd team draft, CNYRD is pelased to announce our current home team rosters and captains. Check back at our website's players page for more updates, as new players are drafted every month as they become eligible.

Smotherly Love #x4
Sinful Pleasures #x3
Mean Squeak #27
Little Bastard #5
E-Gore #325
Bam Bam Thunderjam #54
Lady Die Mentia #3
Short E Fuze #4'12
Bloody Kisses #1313
Itty Bitty Bastard #410
Nik O'lateral Damage #77
Frisky Whiskey #6od
Pippi Hardknocking #2
Chiropractor #911
Moody Obsession #456 (Captain)

Doris Doomsday #818
Ivanna Gutter #23
Amanta Kill #658
A. Lee Thal Vixen #91
Willa Crasher #9
Cereal Suicide #30
Killbo #00
Ganja Ninja #420
Pied Viper #333 (Alternate)
Curry Plowdher #117
Rage Against Marie #1587
Deadtime Story #19
Betty B Ready #L8
Slay West #13 (Captain)
Newks #1337

Mighty Mite #93
Brawla Abdul #14
Bitter Swede #29
Anita Grenade #79
Teddy Maulgame #406
InSamity #18
Gutshot #56-89
Hitgirl #2112
Mia Malicious #16
Farmer's Slaughter #36D (Alternate)
Mellfire #218
Spin Spin Sugar #230 (Captain)
Hotcakes #42
Tamora Fierce #48
Skinny Bitch #1769

The Rome Wreckers' new look!

We're excited to unveil the logo of our newest home team, The Rome Wreckers. Once again, our logo superhero Rob Perry came to our aid and dealt with all manner of picky requests to get what we were after, and we are very pleased with the result. Rob was the contest winner at the beginning of the 2010 season for designing the Blue Collar Betties logo, and he's also helped us re-tool the CNY pinup girl, and even recently helped the Quadfathers fancy up their look.

You can check out more examples of Rob's work at and make sure to say hi to him at the bouts!

Look for Rome Wreckers merch coming soon!

Friday, January 28, 2011

We are consolidating our Facebooks!!! Don't get left behind!!!

Long story short: We have altogether too many facebook accounts for CNYRD. We have one for the Clubbers, on for the Betties, one for the Wreckers, and two or three for the league. It's nuts trying to keep all of these updated, and probably annoying to see the same post 18 times in your newsfeed if you're friends with or like all of them.

So in an effort to make sure that YOU, our wonderful fans, keep updated on league happenings, make it easier to tag us in your posts, photos, etc, and overall make us easier to contact, we are cancelling all but ONE facebook account, our Central New York Roller Derby 'Company' page.

Please click HERE and make sure that you are friends with THIS league page, because as of Feb 4th all the others will be gone!

Thanks everyone, and cant wait to see you all at the bouts this season!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Observer Dispatch Article 1/16/2011: Roller Derby as Fitness

Photo: Jason Rossi
CNYRD hopes that you have had a chance to see the recent coverage by Utica's Observer Dispatch newspaper on roller derby as a means of physical fitness. We are so proud to be recognized by the community as a healthy lifestyle choice and that the media is choosing to spread the word that roller derby is a great way to stay healthy. You can view the article online HERE.

Unfortunately due to some confusion in our local area, the OD printed a different league's recruitment information attached to this article. The information they printed was for a completely separate league called The Utica Rollergirls, which has no affiliation with CNY Roller Derby.

If interested in joining CNY Roller Derby, prospective members should first see the 'Interested?' page on our website, HERE. Then, please contact

An open recruitment session beginning with an open house will start mid-February at the (soon-to-be-announced!) new permanent home of CNYRD, an exciting brand new building which will serve as our private year-round training and scrimmage facility in Utica.

After the open house, new skaters will have the option of attending 4 weeks of 'boot camp' which will teach the basic skills in preparation for our 12 week newbie class. The class meets Wednesdays from 7-9pm and Saturdays from 10a-12p. By the end of the newbie class, skaters are ready to graduate into competition ready league members. Our recruitment staff, reachable at the above email address, can give you more details.

CNYRD prides ourselves on offering a multitude of options to its members-
For people interested in roller derby as a more recreational sport, players have the option of skating on one of our home teams, The Utica Clubbers, The Blue Collar Betties, or The Rome Wreckers, who play against each other (and occasionally outside leagues' home teams) on a regular basis. Skaters on home teams typically practice 1-2 times per week and compete at least monthly in season.

For skaters looking to take it to the next level, we offer competitive placement from our home team rosters onto the CNY All-Stars travel team, which competes for international rankings within the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, and offers the opportunity for travel and play against the best teams in the northeast US and beyond. Skaters on the All-Stars typically practice 2-3 times per week and compete up to 2 times per month in-season.

Whether you thrive in a one-on-one instruction environment, or you're from a background of large group activities or team sports, you can find a comfortable home on CNYRD.

As you'll see from the OD's article, roller derby can be a great way to stay healthy. We find its also a perfect means to beat the Mohawk Valley's dreaded 'winter blues', and keeps our members excited about being active year round. The community surrounding flat track roller derby is also very supportive of healthy lifestyles. A group of skaters who have produced a roller derby workout DVD have even organized a totally free guided workout challenge via their facebook page which guides participants through an 8 week diet and exercise routine purely to promote healthy lifestyles, derby or not.

In short, Roller Derby makes you healthy. It creates a common social activity with a great group of people, and an extended community around the world. It provides great exercise, and healthy competition. CNY Roller Derby wants more area women to discover the benefits of this exciting sport, and with our current membership of close to 100 people, a new training facility, membership in the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, and experienced captains and coaches, we feel we can provide a great roller derby experience. So fulfill that 2011 new years resolution to get in shape and check us out!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CNYRD hosts 3rd League Birthday Party: "The Black Eye Affair"

Traditionally, CNYRD's league birthday parties have happened just before the holidays. But every year, there is just so much else going on that we decided to clear out a Saturday in early January and really celebrate. And this year we have a lot to be thankful for; Our acceptance as a WFTDA member league, our best year of recruitment to date including a newly graduated newbie class of almost 30 new skaters, the end of our quest to find a great tavel team coach (Die-Lon), and a number of very talented skaters having transferred to CNYRD from as far away Georgia and from all over the region.

We took over the Bunker Cafe at Utica Center for Development for the night of Jan 8th, and the event was called 'The Black Eye Affair' with an 80's prom theme. We saw everything from duck tape dresses to bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses to some really fancy tuxedos. It was so awesome to see everyone get all done up for a night that didnt involve stinky pads!

Some highlights included Pippi Hardknocking playing the best hostess/MC ever to pass out great raffle prizes from our sponsors; league gift to Die-Lon of a personalized Wicked Skatewear CNYRD hoodie; league gifts to the refs of personalized CNYRD keyrings; a dance off that will go down in history; a white elephant gift exchange which ended in granny panties being sported by a bunch of people; a cheesy prom photo booth setup which only got better the more it fell apart as the night went on; and more....

We wanted to send a HUGE thank you to The Big Krenowsky and Piss N Ginger for coming up with the best catering plan for $6 a head that we've EVER seen, selling tickets, buying the food, cooking it, setting up, well, you get the idea....these girls made it happen! Also thanks to Newks and Forrest and some members of our Non-Bout Events committee for helping keep things running smoothly and cleaning up.

Our good friend Marc Goldberg was on hand taking tons of great photos, you can see the whole album by clicking here.

Also there taking pics were Walter Romero , and Pete Rodriguez (see examples below)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

CNY All-Stars Announce 1st Quarter 2011 Roster

CNY Roller Derby is proud to announce the first-ever roster of the CNY All-Stars travel team!
This roster will be effective for Jan-Feb-March 2011.

After an exciting fall and winter 2010, which has resulted in some significant new talent for CNYRD, both from newly travel team ready members and from transfer skaters from other leagues, we see some exciting new faces on the All-Stars along with some of our most experienced players and crowd favorites! We are excited to come out swinging in 2011 and show what Central New York has to offer.

A special congradulations to 2011's All-Stars Captain, Gutshot #56-89 and Alternate Mean Squeak #27

Betty B. Ready #L8
Bitter Swede #29
Cereal Suicide #30
Deadtime Story #19
Doris Doomsday #818
Farmer's Slaughter #36D
Gutshot #56-89 (C)
Ivanna Gutter #23
Lady Die Mentia #3
Little Bastard #5
Mean Squeak #27 (A)
Moody Obsession #456
Pied Viper #333
Short E. Fuze #412
Sinful Pleasures #x3
Slay West #13
Spin Spin Sugar #230
Teddy Maulgame #406
Willa Crasher #9

Thursday, January 6, 2011

CNYRD Announces 2011 Season Schedule!

CNYRD is proud to announce our 2011 Season Schedule!!
This season marks big changes in CNYRD. We will have a double round robin competition amongst our home teams; The Utica Clubbers, The Blue Collar Betties, and The Rome Wreckers; the second round of which will be public bouts, culminating in the first ever CNYRD Championship Game on July 30th.
Also new this year, the CNYRD travel team is now called "The CNY All-Stars", who will be competing against teams from all over the Northeast for standings in the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

Are you a gmail / google calendar / droid user that would like these dates to show up automatically on your calendar? Then add the public calendar titled and you'll see the most up-to-the-minute additions!

Season tickets for all home games can be purchased until May 14th through TicketDerby for $60,a significant savings off door prices, by clicking HERE.
As always, over 65 and under 10 get in FREE. Stay tuned for an announcement of our 2011 season charity, who receive $1 of every ticket sold at the door for the whole season.

All home bouts take place at:
JFK Arena
500 West Embargo St
Rome NY 13440

View Larger Map

March 19 (Away):
Lehigh Valley Hissy Fits (PA) v CNY All Stars

April 2 (Away) Double Header:
Albany All Stars v CNY All Stars
Capital District Trauma Authority v The Quadfathers

April 30 (Home):
Utica Clubbers v Blue Collar Betties

May 14 (Home):
CNY All Stars v Ithaca SufferJets

June 4 (Home) Double Header:
Utica Clubbers v ManchVegas (NH)
Blue Collar Betties v Rome Wreckers

June 11(Away) Double Header:
Assault City Roller Derby (Syracuse) A Team v CNY All Stars
Assault City B Team v Rome Wreckers

July 2nd (Home) Double Header:
Rome Wreckers vs. Utica Clubbers
Jersey Shore Roller Girls B-Team vs The Blue Collar Betties

July 9 (Home):
CNY All Stars v Rideau Valley Vixens (ON)

July 30th (Home) Double Header:
CNYRD Intraleague Championship Bout!!
The Quadfathers vs TBA

August 13 (Home):
CNY All Stars v Green Mountain Derby Dames' Grade A Fancy (VT)

August 21(Away):Philly Rollergirls' Independence Dolls (PA) v CNY All Stars

September 3 (Away)
CNY All Stars @ Empire Skate Showdown Tourney hosted by the Long Island Roller Rebels