Friday, December 17, 2010

Congratulations to CNYRD’s Graduating Class!

Look out Central New York, there’s going to be some killer roller derby in 2011! Last night, at the league’s Utica practice facility, we graduated our newest class of skaters.

After completing twelve weeks of intensive derby training and passing physical and written assessments, CNYRD’s newest recruits are eligible to be drafted to the league home teams in January. This is CNYRD’s largest class to date! We had our largest turnout ever when we held our open skate back in September. Over fifty people showed up, including about twelve men who were interested in training to become refs! About twenty-five girls and six guys stuck with it and together learned all things derby. Once again, we got people from all walks of life. Some that had never participated in sports before, and others with experience in in-line skating, skateboarding, and running. We have girls from Remsen, Herkimer, Utica, Clinton and a girl who had recently moved from Oswego and had started with a team there. Along with the graduating class of new skaters, the league has also welcomed nine transfer skaters with derby experience from another league in recent weeks, making our derby family even bigger! Welcome to the CNYRD family, ladies and gentlemen.


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