Friday, August 20, 2010

Open House/Skate 9/14, New skater Class Starts 9/21!!!

LAST CHANCE in 2010 to become a skater or ref for CNY Roller Derby: We are hosting an open house-open skate-meet and greet on Tuesday Sept 14th from 7-10pm at the JFK Arena, 500 W Embargo St, Rome NY.

There is no obligation to join from up, meet the girls (and guys) of CNYRD, talk to us about how you'd like to be involved and tell us about yourselves. Best part is- It's all FREE. If you'd like to skate, you can sign a waiver, throw on some pads and skates that we supply, and cruise around with us for a couple hours.

If you decide you like it (and we KNOW you will!) we have a new skater class starting the very next week, on Tues Sept 21st from 7-10pm at the Utica Center for Development gym, 726 Washington St in Utica (former YMCA). The new skater program runs for 12 weeks, and covers everything you need to become an awesome new skater. We spend the first 4-6 weeks covering nothing but the basics- stance, strice, crossovers, balance, etc, and then we take a mini-assessment to see if you're ready for more complicated maneuvers. Once you're ready, we start showing you hitting, jumping, and all the other fun stuff. You'll also be invited at this point to also attend advanced practices simultaneously.

Overall, you have to attend 10 out of 12 of the newbie practices within the 12 week period, and also at least 3 of the advanced practices during the same timeframe.

If you have questions about costs, insurance, gear, etc, please contact our Recruitment Committee Chair, Bitter Swede at

If you are interested in referreeing or NSO'ing, please contact our Administrative Head Ref, I.M. Law at

This new skater class will end on Tues Dec 14th and there will not be another one until Spring of 2011.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Congrads to our new SKATERS!!!

A big congrads to our new SKATERS (first time not calling them newbies always makes us smile) who are at the end of their 12 week probationary period and passed their WFTDA minimum skills assessments last night. Seems like only yesterday you were holding onto the walls, and now look at you! You're going to be taking roster spots from us sooner than you think!

And so, introducing the newest skating members of CNY Roller Derby (drumroll)...

Hot Ness Monster
Piss-N-Ginger #urn8
Ganja Ninja #420
Newks #1337
Deadtime Story #19
Marisa (derby name TBA)
Linh (derby name TBA)
Samantha (derby name TBA)

If our September class is as great as this past one, we've died and gone to heaven. You girls rock!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CNYRD in New York State Tourny 9/4/2010

On September 4th 2010 CNYRD will travel to Long Island to participate in the FIRST EVER New York State flat track roller derby tournament!!

The Long Island Roller Rebels will host the 'Empire Skate Showdown', bringing together 8 teams on 2 tracks for 12 total games in one day of crazy roller derby action.

The event will be held at:
Skate Safe America
182 Bethpage Sweet Hollow Rd
Old Bethpage, NY 11804

Tickets are $20 in advance via Brown Paper Tickets or $25 at the door. Kids 8 and under are free.

The teams/leagues playing include:
Long Island Roller Rebels
Gotham's Wall Street Traitors
Hudson Valley Horrors
Albany All-Stars
Hellions of Troy
Central New York Roller Derby
Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Assauly City Roller Derby (Syracuse)
NY Shock Exchange (Men's)

View Larger Map

Contact us to find out about coming down to support CNYRD as we play for our region!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bout Recap, 8/14/2010

On Saturday 8/14/2010 CNY Roller Derby hosted a double header event which featured the Quadfathers vs. the CT Death Quads in a full length men's roller derby game, and The Utica Clubbers vs. CT Rollergirls' Yankee Brutals in the women's game.

Please see for a recap of the men's bout.

Last November The Utica Clubbers traveled to Connecticut to take on the Yankee Brutals of CTRG. The Clubbers came home with a 35 points loss. This past weekend the Brutals came into John F Kennedy Arena in Rome, NY hoping to duplicate that performance from a year ago.

What a difference a year makes! The Clubbers, coming off a huge win over Lehigh Valley on 7/31, looked to continue their strong play against CT. Right from the opening whistle, the Clubbers let them know things were going to be different this time around.

In the first jam the fans saw the Clubbers' Gutshot cruise to a double grand slam and a 10 point lead. From there the girls never looked back. The Clubber defense suffocated the CT jammers only allowing one jammer to get through in the first seven jams and not allowing a single point until the 8th. By then the damage had been done as Utica held a 31 point lead. The Clubbers continued to pour it on and cruised into halftime with a 54-8 lead. The Clubbers took lead 15 times in 18 jams of the first half.

The second half saw nine different Clubbers go to the jammer line and the continued dominance on the defensive side of the game. In the 6th jam of the second half the Brutals tried to mount a comeback when Ramona Rotten took advantage of a power jam and scored 10 quick points, closing the gap to 42. The Clubber defense however quickly answered only allowing the Brutals to score one point in the next ten jams. In the end the Clubbers walked away with a 86-34 win.

In a roller derby tradition each team picks the other team's MVPs for the bout. MVP for the Yankee Brutals was Paula G. Imnaughty and for the Clubbers it was Moody Obsession.

Up next for the Utica Clubbers is the Empire Skate Showdown, the unofficial New York State Championships. The Clubbers will be riding a two game winning streak into the tournament where they will face the Hellions of Troy in the first round. The Clubbers defeated Troy back in April 97-71.


Clubbers - Moody Obsession
Brutals - Paula G. Imnaughty

Leading Scorer:
Clubbers - Gutshot 26 points
Brutals - Ramona Rotten 12 points

Highest Points per Jam (more then two jams):
Clubbers - Slay West 6.33 ppj
Brutals - Ether Bunny 5 ppj

Lead Status:
Clubbers - Gutshot and Moody Obsession 4
Brutals - Paula G. Imnaughty

Average Pivot +/- Leader: (more then two jams):
Clubbers - Slay West
Brutals - Black Cherry

Average Blocker +/- Leader: (more then two jams):
Clubbers - Gutshot
Brutals - Paula G. Imnaughty

Media Links from the bout:
(please add more that you see in the comments!)

Photos by Pete Rodriguez

Photos by Vicki Fazio Hopper

Photos by Ramon Aiello

Friday, August 13, 2010

CNYRD serving brews at Saranac TONIGHT!!

Apparently we made a good impression as guest beer servers for The United Way at Saranac Thursday a couple weeks ago, because they have asked us back with even more great derby people to help out again TONIGHT. I guess not spilling a lot and not arm wrestling the public for beer makes us a good choice! :)

Tonight Saranac's Summer Concert Series has Night Ranger. Yup, you read that correctly- NIGHT 'Sister Christian' from the 80's.
You can check out Saranac's website or the band's website for more details.

We had a blast working Saranac Thursday, and we absolutely adore the brewery folks and the United Way folks who make all of this happen. We're very excited to be considered for 2 spots in one summer. We love the community atmosphere at the brewery's events, and we are huge supporters of this year's United Way 'Live United' campaign.

So, come one down, see some great 80's rock, and have some awesome beers or Saranac sodas, and hang with CNYRD. We have to be good for our bout tomorrow, but YOU don't!

PS- knowing a rollergirl does not entitle anyone to free beer. Buy some drink tickets and stop being a cheapskate! :)

CNYRD and Quadfathers on air TODAY 4:30-5:30

Join us and listen to Kiss 97.9 / 105.5 FM between 4:30-5:30pm to hear Little Bastard from the Utica Clubbers and Die-lon of the Quadfathers (and Clubbers' coach!) talk about the double header event tomorrow on air with S-Dot.
There may also be a special guest on air, Trash Gash of the Romsey Town Rollerbillies all the way across the Atlantic in the UK. We love international rollergirls!

Hope to see you at JFK arena tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

THIS SATURDAY: Double Header, Men's and Women's Roller Derby!!!!!!

Saturday August 14th 2010 is going to be a big day for roller derby in Rome NY.

The doors to JFK Arena open at 4pm.
At 5pm, The Quadfathers take the track in their first full-length bout versus the Connecticut Death Quads. If you liked what you saw on May 8th in the men's scrimmage we hosted, you will LOVE seeing real team-on-team men's roller derby action.

At 7pm, the ladies of CNYRD's Utica Clubbers will take the track versus the CT Rollergirls' mixed A&B team. CNYRD is SOOOOO excited to be sharing the track with the CT Rollergirls, who have been some of our biggest proponents, helpers, and mentors both in building our league from the very beginning, and in the process of being a WFTDA apprentice. We look forward to sharing the track with them again (and showing them all that we've learned muahahaha! :)

After almost a year of travel planning CNYRD is excited to have a special guest for this bout, all the way from The Romsey Town Rollerbillies in Cambridge UK, our leopard and zombie green friend, Trash Gash.

As usual, advance sale tickets can be purchased for $10.
They can be purchased online from by clicking HERE.
Advance sale tickets can be purchased in person from the Tramontane Cafe (Utica), Cafe Domenico (Utica) or Bill's Variety Store (Rome).
Tickets can be purchased at the door for $12. $1 of every ticket sold at the door is donated to the YWCA's Domestic Violence Programs.
Adults age 65 and over and children 10 and under are free.

The national anthem will be performed this bout by The Beam Brothers.
Music for the ladies bout will be provided by DJ DeafGeoff aka Funk Roll Brother #303 of The Quadfathers (he'll be a little busy during the men's portion!)

We hope that you can join us for this huge day of derby! It's 2 bouts for the price of 1, and twice the fun!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

CNY Homepage for your CNYRD season stats!!!!

CNYRD would like to thank for setting up season stats pages for The Utica Clubbers and The Blue Collar Betties.

We are very excited that local, regional, and even national media has started to treat roller derby as a legitimate sport which deserves sports section coverage with the same types of information that fans of other sports would like to see.

Starting in 2011 CNYRD will be providing even more detailed game stats to local press, and also making them available on our own website.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Road Trip?! Blue Collar Betties travel to NJ 8/28

On 8/28, CNYRD's Blue Collar Betties will be traveling to NJ to take on the Jerzey Derby Brigade's Corporal Punishers in the BCB's second away bout of the season in "Summer Slam".

The bout will be held at Inline Morristown, 38 Dumont Pl, Morristown, NJ

View Larger Map

Tickets can be purchased in advance through Brown Paper Tickets for $10 HERE.
[Note: Brown paper Tickets lists the Utica Clubbers playing. This is an error.]

Please contact us if you would like to caravan down and cheer on the BCB's!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bout Recap, 7/31/2010

On Saturday July 31st 2010, CNYRD's Utica Clubbers hosted the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls travel team at JFK Arena in Rome NY.

The Clubbers came away with what many will say is the biggest win in the teams young history. After a slow start and trailing by nine the Clubber’s Slay West stepped to the jammer line in the 6th jam and pulled off an 11 point jam that put the Clubbers back in the game. In the following jam Moody Obsession hammered down a Grand Slam to give the home town team their first lead of the game.

The fans in attendance were in for a treat after that. In the first half alone there were five lead changes. At the half the Clubbers had a narrow 42-40 lead in what was turning into a classic.

In the first 4 jams of the second half the fans saw a lead change and eventually a tie score at 46 all. Then #27 Mean Squeak came to the jammer line and put in a 5 point jam to give the Clubbers a lead they would hold onto for the rest of the game. Lehigh was not going to go down easily as they kept the game close and the fans on the edge of there seat until the final jam.

With a 15 point lead Utica sent Lady Die Mentia to the jammer line for the final jam. Lady Die known more for her blocking and devastating hits then her jamming skills did not disappoint. Lehigh quickly grabbed lead jammer status but was followed closely by Lady Die. After a big hit sent the Lehigh jammer to the track she was forced to call it off but not until Lady Die Mentia picked up 3 more points for the Clubbers and a 113 to 96 win.

In a roller derby tradition each team picks the other teams MVPs for the bout. MVP for Lehigh was Vanilla CreamHer and for the Clubbers it was team captain Slay West.

The players, refs, NSOs, fans, and literally everyone who watched the game was blown away by the level of play and team work demonstrated by the Clubbers. It was truly a team effort and the Clubbers look to be in good shape heading into the home stretch of their season. Which includes 2 more home bouts and the New York State Tournament in Long Island.

The Clubbers were proud to introduce Teddy Maulgame in her first bout on the Clubbers roster. Missing in action due to injuries and illness were familiar faces Murder Antoinette, Sic Lee Twist3d, and Little Bastard.


Clubbers - Slay West
Lehigh - Vanilla CreamHer

Leading Scorer:
Clubbers - Mean Squeak 40 pts.
Lehigh - V Diva 58

Highest Points per Jam (more then one jam):
Clubbers - Moody Obsession 5 ppj
Lehigh - Vanilla CreamHer 3 ppj

Lead Status:
Clubbers - Gutshot 4
Lehigh - V Diva 10

Average Pivot +/- Leader:
Clubbers - Lady Die Mentia
Lehigh - Lin Diesel

Average Blocker +/- Leader:
Clubbers - Hot Cakes
Lehigh - Minerva Steel

Here is a link to some photos from the bout taken by Vicki Fazio Hopper.
Please add links to other media from the bout as they become available in the comments section!!

You can catch the Clubbers in action again on August 14th as they host the Yankee Brutals of CTRG in the main event of a double header. Prior to the bout will be the premier of the area's men’s team 'The Quadfathers' as they play host to the CT Death Quads.