Monday, May 24, 2010

Come support our Veterans on June 5th!

On Saturday June 5th from 6:30-10:30 pm, please join us in support of Utica-area veterans at The Open Art and Photo Gallery Event. The event is being held at the Bunker Internet Cafe within the Utica Center for Development, 726 Washington St, Utica NY (former YMCA on Genessee St)

The night will feature beer, wine & cheese, a silent auction, and works of art.

Our good friend Bob Gates will be displaying action photos of CNY Roller Derby (like the one displayed here!), and the CNYRD girls will be on hand to answer questions about roller derby and show our support of the staff at UCD and our thanks and support to local veterans.

The evening will also feature live music by the Gary Mazza Band, Adam Spiridilozzi, and an open mic.

CNYRD invades Saranac Thursday on 7/29/2010

Please help us support The United Way on Thursday July 29th as the ladies (and guys!) of CNY Roller Derby will be pouring beers for a good cause at Saranac Thursday. If you're extra nice there might be a few free bout tickets for Saturday 7/31 vs. PA's Lehigh Valley Rollergirls.

CNY Roller Derby strives to help better our community, and we believe that the United Way and the Saranac Brewery are both doing amazing things for our area and we wish to help however we can.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

5/8/2010 Bout Recap: Momma Said Knock You Out!

On Saturday, May 8th, the women of Central New York Roller Derby (CNYRD) presented “Momma Said Knock You Out” a double-header roller derby extravaganza and tribute to moms everywhere at the JFK Civic Arena in Rome, NY. The main event was the bout between Central New York Roller Derby’s Utica Clubbers and New Hampshire Roller Derby’s Skate Free or Die. The teams were well-matched and the score stayed close and relatively low for most of the bout, with New Hampshire eventually pulling ahead in the second half after Utica repeatedly wracked up penalties and had jammers and blockers in the box for most jams.

The final score was Utica Clubbers 56 and Skate Free or Die 80.
At the end of the bout the teams awarded MVP trophies. The Utica Clubbers chose Angela “Chicana Bruzya” Vasquez as MVP for New Hampshire. Vasquez’s dual roles as jammer and blocker eventually put her team ahead in the second half after trailing Utica in the first. Skate Free or Die chose Diana “Lady Die Mentia” Houck as MVP for Utica for Houck’s outstanding defense, one of the main reasons the scores stayed under 100.

The women’s bout was preceded at 5:30 PM by Central New York’s very first men’s roller derby exhibition that featured the area’s first men’s team, The Quadfathers, in addition to skaters from Albany Men's Roller Derby, Central Massachusetts Roller Derby's Mass Maelstrom, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby's Dirty Dozen and the New York Shock Exchange.

Attendance for the night was between 400-500 spectators.

Some early released media from the bout:
Photos of men's bout by Duane Isenberg HERE
Photos of women's bout by Duane Isenberg HERE.
Photos by Meghan Griffen HERE.
Photos by Scott Thomas HERE
Blog from Scott Thomas HERE
Photos by Rob Perry HERE
Blog by Anne Delaney of the Observer Dispatch.
Full Story on the bout and CNYRD by Anne Delaney of the Observer Dispatch (....followed by awesome comments from our friend Rick Short, thanks Rick!)
Blog from Marc Goldberg HERE

If you see other press/photos/videos from this bout, please add links in the comments section of this blog. We can't express enough thanks to the City of Rome, NY, the Kennedy Arena staff, and our wonderful fans. Our next bout is June 26th, info coming soon!

For more information visit CYNRD’s website at or contact Aubrey Anable at or(315) 762-3919.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Press for this Saturday

We couldn't ask for better promo!!!! Juggernaut Janice and Hamlet Montgomery explain why YOU should come out this Saturday (but door tickets are $12, not $15, just FYI)

Check out the cover story on CNY Roller Derby with bout info in this week's Utica Phoenix newspaper! 'The Fast Girls Your Mother Warned You About' Love it!!! You can view their facebook page HERE.

The Rome Sentinal did a great piece on CNYRD, too. You can read it HERE. (Don't be confused by the last paragraph....another local league is holding a different bout the same day. Ours is at JFK Arena in Rome!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

THIS Friday 4pm: S-Dot with LB & Grambo on KISS FM 97.9 or 105.5!!

Tune in this Friday between 4-5pm to hear S-Dot on Kiss FM 97.9 or 105.5!

Little Bastard will be there to give you all the details about our huge derby extravaganza this weekend with CNYRD's Utica Clubbers taking on NHRD's Skate Free or Die, and grambo will be there from the Quadfathers to talk about the first men's derby bout in CNY history happening right before the girls bout on Saturday!!!

As always, you rock S-Dot!

Monday, May 3, 2010

UPDATE: This Saturday is even CRAZIER!!!

We've added bands, busses, hula hoops, and a monkey!

As we've said before, this Saturday's bout is going to be a big deal.
We have confirmed shuttle buses available for our Utica peeps leaving from the Tramontaine Cafe on Lincoln Ave. The Tram will be CLOSING EARLY (yeah, we're THAT cool!), so park in the lot across the street please. The buses will leave from the Tram at 3:30pm, 4:30pm, and 5:30pm, and will return at 8:30pm, 9:30pm, and 10:30pm from Rome.

The cost per person for round trip bus rides will be a $5 suggested donation each way to help us cover the cost of the bus, but it even leaves you time to come to the afterparty for an hour or so and have a sober ride to Utica!

We have also confirmed a whole bunch of entertainment for you:
We will have DJ DeafGeoff (aka Funk Roll Brother) spinning tunes when he's not busy skating in the guys' bout (!)
The band Negative Truth will be performing 2 short sets, before the girls' bout during warm ups and again at halftime
.....And last but not least, The Hamlet Montgomery Halftime Spectacular, featuring Juggernaut Janice, Secret Asian Man, GR6, Hula hooping, drumming, and other local favorites and characters. Don’t miss this!
There will also be vending tables by Off Center Records, and Lizette Designs, along with our awesome merch table featuring lots of new CNYRD stuff!

So here's the rundown:
Buses start running from the Tram at 3:30pm
Doors open at 4pm.
Men's bout starts at 5:30pm
Band and DJ in between bouts from 6:30-7ish
Girls bout starts at 7pm
Halftime show starts at approximately 7:45pm
Bout ends approximately 8:30-8:45
First bus leaves JFK at 8:30 back to Tram
Afterparty, hilarity, and shananigans ensue.
Further busses pick up from afterparty at 9:30 and 10:30pm

And just to repeat the details:
Men's bout featuring members of Central Mass Roller Derby, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby, New York Shock Exchange, Albany Area Men's Roller Derby, and The Quadfathers starts at 5:30pm. Bench coaching by Lady Die-Mentia and Moody Obsession of The Utica Clubbers and Hayley Contagious of Boston Derby Dames. This is the FIRST Men's Roller Derby competition in the history of this area!!!!

Women's bout featuring The Utica Clubbers vs. NH Roller Derby's Skate Free Or Die starts at 7pm. Bench coaching for the Clubbers by Die-Lon of the Quadfathers and the triumphant return to derby of CNYRD favorite Ms. Rooster Lollipop!!!

After party is at DelVecchios, just around the corner from the arena at 416 W Dominick St. They do a great job with good food, drink specials, and a rockin' DJ that brings out the best (worst?) in all of us and usually turns into a giant dance party. Last time Elvis was there. That's all I'm sayin'.

Tickets are $10 in advance available online through or at the Tramontaine Cafe or Cafe Domenico in Utica
Tickets at the door are $12.
Kids 10 and under are free, adults 65 and over are free.
$1 of each ticket sold at the door goes to the YWCA's Domestic Violence programs

Oh, and since its Mother's Day, any mom who comes to the table with their kid as proof gets a free raffle ticket for our Mother's Day gift basket featuring all kinds of goodies!

....and if you're lucky we'll introduce you to the CNY Roller Derby Little League baseball team from Westmoreland!