Sunday, May 9, 2010

5/8/2010 Bout Recap: Momma Said Knock You Out!

On Saturday, May 8th, the women of Central New York Roller Derby (CNYRD) presented “Momma Said Knock You Out” a double-header roller derby extravaganza and tribute to moms everywhere at the JFK Civic Arena in Rome, NY. The main event was the bout between Central New York Roller Derby’s Utica Clubbers and New Hampshire Roller Derby’s Skate Free or Die. The teams were well-matched and the score stayed close and relatively low for most of the bout, with New Hampshire eventually pulling ahead in the second half after Utica repeatedly wracked up penalties and had jammers and blockers in the box for most jams.

The final score was Utica Clubbers 56 and Skate Free or Die 80.
At the end of the bout the teams awarded MVP trophies. The Utica Clubbers chose Angela “Chicana Bruzya” Vasquez as MVP for New Hampshire. Vasquez’s dual roles as jammer and blocker eventually put her team ahead in the second half after trailing Utica in the first. Skate Free or Die chose Diana “Lady Die Mentia” Houck as MVP for Utica for Houck’s outstanding defense, one of the main reasons the scores stayed under 100.

The women’s bout was preceded at 5:30 PM by Central New York’s very first men’s roller derby exhibition that featured the area’s first men’s team, The Quadfathers, in addition to skaters from Albany Men's Roller Derby, Central Massachusetts Roller Derby's Mass Maelstrom, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby's Dirty Dozen and the New York Shock Exchange.

Attendance for the night was between 400-500 spectators.

Some early released media from the bout:
Photos of men's bout by Duane Isenberg HERE
Photos of women's bout by Duane Isenberg HERE.
Photos by Meghan Griffen HERE.
Photos by Scott Thomas HERE
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Photos by Rob Perry HERE
Blog by Anne Delaney of the Observer Dispatch.
Full Story on the bout and CNYRD by Anne Delaney of the Observer Dispatch (....followed by awesome comments from our friend Rick Short, thanks Rick!)
Blog from Marc Goldberg HERE

If you see other press/photos/videos from this bout, please add links in the comments section of this blog. We can't express enough thanks to the City of Rome, NY, the Kennedy Arena staff, and our wonderful fans. Our next bout is June 26th, info coming soon!

For more information visit CYNRD’s website at or contact Aubrey Anable at or(315) 762-3919.

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