Friday, August 19, 2011

8/13/2011 Bout Recap vs. Green Mountain Grade A Fancy

The much anticipated rematch of the Green Mountain Derby Dames and CNY Roller Derby took place on August 13th at the JFK arena in Rome. Previously, the travel teams of these two leagues had faced off once before in early 2010 with Green Mountain clearly dominating the game. Since then both leagues were accepted into the WFTDA and the CNY All-Stars were formed as CNYRD's new travel team featuring a very different line up from the last time these teams played. Two fresh faces were on the All Star bench making their travel team debut: Summer of Sam #18 and Mighty Mite #93 who both played their hearts out.

The bout started off with the usual excited tension as Star Face worked the crowd and pumped them up for derby action. All Star jammers for the evening were PiedViper #333, Spin Spin Sugar #230, GutShot #5685, Slay West #13, Mean Squeak #27, and Moody Obsession #5150. Jammers for the Fancy that evening were Terminather #1984, Nancy Nightmare #S810, Sonic Euthanizer #2015 and Scarlet Menace #d00m .Starting on the jammer line was Spin Spin Sugar for the All Stars and Nancy Nightmare for the Fancy. By the 7th jam the score was 7 All Stars and 1 Fancy. High scoring jammers for the evening were Spin Spin Sugar for All Stars with 34 points and Nancy Nightmare for the Fancy with 24 points. This scoring margin was gaped by half time with All Stars at 62 and Fancy at 29 leaving a painfully large hole for the Fancy to fill on the score board.
The All Stars were consistent throughout the game with solid walls followed by strong hits. Notably aggressive blockers Moody Obsession #5150 and Mia Malicious #16 did a great job pinning the jammers down and making hard hits. In the final jam, already in overtime, Mia Malicious and the Fancy jammer Sonic Euthanizer simultaneously were called for penalties. Sonic Euthanizer also suffered an injury which she could not immediately recover from, thus rendering the jam dead. Mia Malicious was then ejected after having accrued seven major penalties and Deadtime Story took her place in the box. One more jam continued after this with 4 seconds left on the clock because the previous jam was called for injury. Pied Viper of the CNY AllStars was sent out for one last time to start on a power jam and finished with a 8 point jam. Final score was 160 CNY to 75 GMDD.
The evening was summed up with the selections of MVPs for each team. Muffin for the Grade A Fancy and Slay West for the CNY All Stars earned their MVP awards through excellent skills, sportsmanship, and enthusiasm that evening. Slay West then received a little surprise as Mean Squeak purposed and asked her to be her Derby wife. Yays!
CNYRoller Derby would like to send out a huge thank to all of our Volunteers, NSOs, announcers, and refs that traveled distances to provide us with a fun, safe and fair game.

(all photos by Pete Rodriguez except group shot by Walter Romero)

See media of the bout here:
Flickr Set by Walter Romero
Facebook set by Pete Rodriguez

Please leave links to further media in the comments field if you find them! Thanks!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

CNY All-Stars Car Wash and Bottle/Can Drive 8/21!!!

On Sunday August 21st from 11am-3pm, members of the CNY All-Stars travel team, along with support staff, will be holding a fundraising car wash at Franklyn's Field on Black River Blvd in Rome. (see map at bottom)

The last 3 games of the All-Stars season are away games, in Philadelphia 8/27, in Long Island for the Empire Skate Showdown 9/3, and in Mass vs Pioneer Valley 9/17. We are raising money to directly defray the costs of travel for our players and support staff. Our skaters put their heart and soul into this sport, paying out of their own pockets to get to games and afford gas and food and hotel rooms. Please help us to lessen the burden on them so that they can represent the league and the CNY region the best possible- putting CNY on the map for roller derby excellence!

The cost is $5 per car. Tickets can be purchased in advance from any CNY All-Stars skater, or at our 8/13 home double header. You can also RSVP to the facebook event HERE.

And seriously, who doesn't want their car washed by derby girls? C'mon.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

7/30/2011 Bout Recaps: Home Team Championship and Quadfathers vs Capital District

(photos credit Ramon Aiello)

Championship is a word synonymous with traditional athletic competition. On July 30th CNY Roller Derby held its first ever home team Championship bout. This bout was the climax to the CNY home team season and it was anything but traditional. It was the third time the Utica Clubbers and the Blue Collar Betties faced off at the JFK arena in Rome, the Betties previously emerging with two victories against the Clubbers.

The game started with nail-biting intensity that carried on through the entire bout, which was clearly represented in a difference of seven points and a final score of the Utica Clubbers 109, the Blue Collar Betties 102. The Betties were held to a score of 0 until the 6th jam. By the 11th jam the score was 27-22 in favor of the Clubbers, so it was still anybody's game. Jammers for the evening all held strong and each put up a good fight. Utica Clubbers' jammers for the night were Pippi Hardknocking #2, Mean Squeak #27, Moody Obsession #5150, Itty Bitty Bastard #410, Bloody Kisses #1313 and Short E. Fuze #412. The Blue Collar Betties maintained a rotation of jammers with Slay West #13, Pied Viper #333, Deadtime Story #19, Ganja Ninja #420, and Amanta Kill #658. High scoring jammers for the evening killed it. Mean Squeak of the Utica Clubbers was the leading scorer of the night with 39, including an 18 point jam. The Betties leading scorers were Deadtime Story and Slay West with 35 points each. The Clubbers used high scoring jams to control the lead. In addition to Mean Squeak's 18, Pippi Hardknocking had a 17 point and Itty Bitty had a 15 point jam. The Betties didn't give up however and worked hard to make a comeback at the end of the game. They outscored the Clubbers 28-4 in the last eight jams, holding them scoreless for the last six.

Blocking throughout the entire bout was consistent as both teams did a great job building walls and knock’n em down. MVPs for the evening were Mean Squeak of the Utica Clubbers and Ganja Ninja of the Blue Collar Betties. On the opposite side of the spectrum the Sin Bin Queens for the night were Itty Bitty Bastard of the Utica Clubbers with 7 trips to the box resulting in her ejection in the very last jam. Pied Viper of the Blue Collar Betties had 5 trips to the box.

All in all it was a tremendously fun bout and a great show of CNY Roller Derby’s competitive athletic spirit. CNY Roller Derby would also like to extend a huge thank you to all the people that make our roller derby bouts possible. To our refs, announcers, volunteers, NSOs, DJs, medical staff and fans - THANK YOU!


(photos credit Pete Rodriguez)

The Quadfathers are back and hitting harder than ever! At this past weekend’s co-ed double header, the Quadfathers dominated against Albany’s mens roller derby team, Capital District Trauma Authority. Eager to avenge their loss from their last bout against CDTA in April, the Quadfathers enthusiastically blocked, checked, and scored their way to victory, with a final score of 121-62. The Quadfathers’ jammers for the evening included Peach #27, Wildstyle #215, Die-Lon #315, Ball Zach #29, Grambo #37, and Bobby Brady #8. Jamming for Capital District Trauma Authority were Jonny Malice #11, Roarshock #8i8, and Up End Atom #9090.

The bout started with Up End Atom on the jam line for CDTA and Die-Lon for the Quadfathers. Although Die-Lon broke through the pack quickly and was called lead jammer, by the 4th jam, CDTA was in the lead 2-11. Due to outstanding blocking from both teams, the score hadn’t changed much by the 7th jam, and was 3-11 with CDTA still in the lead. However, the Quadfathers slowly pulled ahead and after 10 minutes of game play, the Quadfathers obtained their first lead at 16-11. The Quadfathers maintained their lead throughout most of the first half, but the teams were tied at 2 minutes left in the half at 44-44. Capital District Trauma Authority quickly pulled into the lead, and at halftime the score was 44-49, leaving fans to bite their nails as the Clubbers and Betties warmed up.

The 2nd half began with renewed vigor and each team was clearly determined to win, but the Quadfathers quickly pulled ahead again, scoring points jam after jam until the score was 97-57 with 12 minutes left. Fans and skaters alike prayed for the best when Johnny Rebel took a spill and was assisted by EMTs off the track 5 minutes later with a makeshift cardboard splint on his leg. After another 7 minutes of game play, the Quadfathers had secured an almost-certain win at 106-62, barring the possibility of a power-jam or two. And triumph they did, with a final score of Quadfathers 121, Capital District Trauma Authority 62. Well-deserved MVP trophies went to Up End Atom of CDTA and Bobby Brady of the Quadfathers.

As always we owe everything to our fantastic refs, who keep our bouts safe and fair – huge thanks to Lizy Longshanks, The Constable, Otto A-Linement, Anne Persand, Reffin Aint Easy, Magnum Joe. and Miranda Wrights. Special thanks to our wonderful announcers, Eloda Sarcasm and Ida Feltersnatch, who keep us entertained and informed so very well. Thank you to all of our lovely NSOs and other volunteers, who donate their valuable time to help run things as smoothly as possible, and of course all of our amazing fans! Stay tuned for more updates from the Quadfathers, and watch them battle it out against Vermont’s Bomb Quads on August 13th!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wed August 10th: CNY All-Stars invade Nail Creek Pub

Please join us on Wed. August 10th at about 9:30pm at the Nail Creek Pub & Brewery on Varick St in Utica to celebrate an awesome 2011 home season and to see us present Nail Creek's official CNY All-Stars team jersey to the bar. Members of the CNY All-Stars and others from the league will be in attendance to promote Aug. 13th's double header bout, and even to hand out some free tickets (there's a certain challenge that's been going around concerning having your pic taken in gold booty shorts for free tickets....ask Little Bastard that night for details....) We are also celebrating yet another wonderful class of new recruits who have been training hard since April to become members of the league, and are getting ready to graduate and compete.

Nail Creek sponsored this year's fancy new CNY All-Stars uniforms, and so now its time to show them some derby love! .....and to have a few drinks before we have to 'be good' and start hydrating before the bout.

Join us!

Sat Aug 13th: Final 2011 Home Season Bout- NY vs VT double header!!!

Saturday August 13th will be CNY Roller Derby's final home bout of the season!
If you liked our July 30th men's and women's double header, then you should definitely check this one out too. We are lucky enough to be hosting a full on New York vs Vermont battle royale with this bout, pitting the Central New York region against the Burlington, VT region.

The first bout will kick off at 5:30pm with The Quadfathers playing the Burlington Bomb Quads in heavy hitting men's roller derby action. The Quadfathers are coming off a win against the Capital District Trauma Authority , and also recent acceptance into the Men's Roller Derby Association, and are looking to keep their roll going. The Quadfathers and the Bomb Quads last met in Burlington in March for a closed door bout in which the Quadfathers won 156-64.

At or around 7:30pm The CNY All Stars will be competing against the Green Mountain Derby Dames' Grade A Fancy who hail from Burlington, VT in a WFTDA sanctioned game. The CNY All Stars have had a great season so far with a record of 4-1. This game caps off a great inaugural season for the All-Stars travel team. According to Flat Track Stats, CNY is ranked #16 in the East region and Green Mountain is #23 currently. Dont let this stat fool you that this game is expected to be easy- When CNY and Green Mountain last met on March 13th 2010 in Essex Junction VT, Green Mountain dominated 102-43 against our then-travel-team the Utica Clubbers. CNY has come a long way since then however, and with a formal travel team, a ton of new talent, new coaching and a very different roster, this will not likely be a repeat of a near blowout.
Green Mountain is one of the newer WFTDA leagues accepted at the same time as CNYRD (late 2010), and has a very similar history, timeline, and size to CNYRD. This represents a very good match up in terms of league's available talent pool, region size, and ability. We are very excited to finally return the favor of hosting these ladies as we loved meeting and playing them last year.

We might even be lucky enough to witness a mascot vs mascot crowd riling extravaganza as Green Mountain's Gang Green tries to outdo hometown hero and CNY All-Stars mascot Starface! There's going to be entirely too much green involved one way or another:)

Announcing the men's bout will be Harry Crumb and Rebel Without A Pulse, and announcing the women's bout will be Rebel with Blackjack.
DJ'ing both bouts will be DJ Deaf Goeff, aka Funk Roll Brother.

As always you will be able to enjoy top-notch roller derby excitement and incredible entertainment so get your tickets today!

Advance sale tickets for $8 each can be purchased at:
The Tramontane Cafe (Lincoln Ave, Utica)
Cafe Domenico (Genessee St, Utica)
Bill's Variety Store (Thomas St, Rome)
Black River Ale House (Black Rvr Blvd, Rome)
OR you can always buy $8 presale tickets from your favorite CNY Roller Derby skater, just ask!!
Online advance sale tickets can be purchased for $8 plus a $1 service fee through HERE.

Tickets will be available at the door for $10 each. $1 of each door ticket goes to our 2011 non-profit partner, The Arc Oneida-Lewis. As usual, 10 & under and 65 & over get in free of charge.

After party will be held at the Black River Ale House, with plenty of food, drink specials, and DJ Acey playing all the tunes you can handle.

Also, please let us know you're coming by RSVP'ing to our facebook event page HERE.