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7/30/2011 Bout Recaps: Home Team Championship and Quadfathers vs Capital District

(photos credit Ramon Aiello)

Championship is a word synonymous with traditional athletic competition. On July 30th CNY Roller Derby held its first ever home team Championship bout. This bout was the climax to the CNY home team season and it was anything but traditional. It was the third time the Utica Clubbers and the Blue Collar Betties faced off at the JFK arena in Rome, the Betties previously emerging with two victories against the Clubbers.

The game started with nail-biting intensity that carried on through the entire bout, which was clearly represented in a difference of seven points and a final score of the Utica Clubbers 109, the Blue Collar Betties 102. The Betties were held to a score of 0 until the 6th jam. By the 11th jam the score was 27-22 in favor of the Clubbers, so it was still anybody's game. Jammers for the evening all held strong and each put up a good fight. Utica Clubbers' jammers for the night were Pippi Hardknocking #2, Mean Squeak #27, Moody Obsession #5150, Itty Bitty Bastard #410, Bloody Kisses #1313 and Short E. Fuze #412. The Blue Collar Betties maintained a rotation of jammers with Slay West #13, Pied Viper #333, Deadtime Story #19, Ganja Ninja #420, and Amanta Kill #658. High scoring jammers for the evening killed it. Mean Squeak of the Utica Clubbers was the leading scorer of the night with 39, including an 18 point jam. The Betties leading scorers were Deadtime Story and Slay West with 35 points each. The Clubbers used high scoring jams to control the lead. In addition to Mean Squeak's 18, Pippi Hardknocking had a 17 point and Itty Bitty had a 15 point jam. The Betties didn't give up however and worked hard to make a comeback at the end of the game. They outscored the Clubbers 28-4 in the last eight jams, holding them scoreless for the last six.

Blocking throughout the entire bout was consistent as both teams did a great job building walls and knock’n em down. MVPs for the evening were Mean Squeak of the Utica Clubbers and Ganja Ninja of the Blue Collar Betties. On the opposite side of the spectrum the Sin Bin Queens for the night were Itty Bitty Bastard of the Utica Clubbers with 7 trips to the box resulting in her ejection in the very last jam. Pied Viper of the Blue Collar Betties had 5 trips to the box.

All in all it was a tremendously fun bout and a great show of CNY Roller Derby’s competitive athletic spirit. CNY Roller Derby would also like to extend a huge thank you to all the people that make our roller derby bouts possible. To our refs, announcers, volunteers, NSOs, DJs, medical staff and fans - THANK YOU!


(photos credit Pete Rodriguez)

The Quadfathers are back and hitting harder than ever! At this past weekend’s co-ed double header, the Quadfathers dominated against Albany’s mens roller derby team, Capital District Trauma Authority. Eager to avenge their loss from their last bout against CDTA in April, the Quadfathers enthusiastically blocked, checked, and scored their way to victory, with a final score of 121-62. The Quadfathers’ jammers for the evening included Peach #27, Wildstyle #215, Die-Lon #315, Ball Zach #29, Grambo #37, and Bobby Brady #8. Jamming for Capital District Trauma Authority were Jonny Malice #11, Roarshock #8i8, and Up End Atom #9090.

The bout started with Up End Atom on the jam line for CDTA and Die-Lon for the Quadfathers. Although Die-Lon broke through the pack quickly and was called lead jammer, by the 4th jam, CDTA was in the lead 2-11. Due to outstanding blocking from both teams, the score hadn’t changed much by the 7th jam, and was 3-11 with CDTA still in the lead. However, the Quadfathers slowly pulled ahead and after 10 minutes of game play, the Quadfathers obtained their first lead at 16-11. The Quadfathers maintained their lead throughout most of the first half, but the teams were tied at 2 minutes left in the half at 44-44. Capital District Trauma Authority quickly pulled into the lead, and at halftime the score was 44-49, leaving fans to bite their nails as the Clubbers and Betties warmed up.

The 2nd half began with renewed vigor and each team was clearly determined to win, but the Quadfathers quickly pulled ahead again, scoring points jam after jam until the score was 97-57 with 12 minutes left. Fans and skaters alike prayed for the best when Johnny Rebel took a spill and was assisted by EMTs off the track 5 minutes later with a makeshift cardboard splint on his leg. After another 7 minutes of game play, the Quadfathers had secured an almost-certain win at 106-62, barring the possibility of a power-jam or two. And triumph they did, with a final score of Quadfathers 121, Capital District Trauma Authority 62. Well-deserved MVP trophies went to Up End Atom of CDTA and Bobby Brady of the Quadfathers.

As always we owe everything to our fantastic refs, who keep our bouts safe and fair – huge thanks to Lizy Longshanks, The Constable, Otto A-Linement, Anne Persand, Reffin Aint Easy, Magnum Joe. and Miranda Wrights. Special thanks to our wonderful announcers, Eloda Sarcasm and Ida Feltersnatch, who keep us entertained and informed so very well. Thank you to all of our lovely NSOs and other volunteers, who donate their valuable time to help run things as smoothly as possible, and of course all of our amazing fans! Stay tuned for more updates from the Quadfathers, and watch them battle it out against Vermont’s Bomb Quads on August 13th!

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