Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Next Home Bout: July 17th vs. Garden State Rollergirls

CNYRD's next home bout event will take place on Saturday July 17th as The Utica Clubbers take on The Garden State Rollergirls.
Garden State just recently graduated the WFTDA apprentice program into a full member league (congrads, ladies!), and CNYRD is right on their heels to graduate. This bout will pit the two, with similar timeline and experience, in a very well matched bout.

Tickets are $10 in advance and can be purchased online
Or in person at the Tramontane Cafe (Utica), Cafe Domenico (Utica), or Bill's Variety Store (Rome)

Tickets purchased at the door will be $12, with $1 of every door ticket donated to the YWCA's domestic violence programs.

Join CNYRD to watch Eastern Regionals 9/24-26!

We couldn't be more excited for September 2010! After our season closer on 9/19, CNYRD is going to start our off-season right, by going to watch some amazing roller derby- last year WFTDA's Eastern Regionals were in North Carolina, and none of us were able to make the drive. This year, they're right in our own backyard! The decision is not whether to go, it's simply who to cheer for!

Our good friends at Suburbia Roller Derby (Westchester, NY)
will host “Derby in the Burbs”, the 2010 Women’s Flat Track Derby Association
(WFTDA) Eastern Regional Tournament at the Westchester County Center in White
Plains, Friday, September 24 through Sunday, September 26, 2010. The tournament,one of the Big Five tournaments, will feature the top ten roller derby teams in the
WFTDA East Region, which extends from Montreal to North Carolina. The top three teams from this tournament will move on to the WFTDA Championship in Chicago in November.

You can see all the details as they are released at the Derby in the Burbs website,

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If you, our wonderful fans, would like to come with us, please let us know. There will be plenty of carpooling opportunities, but get your tickets and make your hotel reservations early!

July 10th in Rochester: Blue Collar Betties vs Rottenchesters

Saturday, July 10th CNYRD's Blue Collar Betties will be traveling for their first official away game to participate in a double header event hosted by Roc City Roller Derby in Rochester, NY featuring home teams and B-teams from all over the state.

Billed as 'Global Harming', the event will feature Roc City's RottenChesters vs Blue Collar Betties at 6pm, and Roc City's 5-h8-5's vs. Ithaca's Bluestockings at 8pm.
The even takes place at:

Genesee Valley Sports Complex, 133 Elmwood Ave. Rochester

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Velveteen Fox at halftime
Afterparty at Sully's Pub-240 South Ave.

Presale: $10 general/$15 suicide
Day of: $12 general/$17 suicide
Kids $5, 3 & under free

Doors open at 5pm.

Link to Facebook event page to RSVP

Interested in a caravan with the team? Hit 'em up on their Facebook page and let them know you love 'em!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bout Recap, 6/26/2010

On June 26th 2010 @ 6 pm the doors to the Kennedy Arena in Rome, NY opened to host CNYRD's Utica Clubbers VS. the ROC CITY RottenChesters of Rochester, NY in "Summer Crush", CNYRD's summer kickoff bout.

As everyone arrived they got to witness the new track setup of event lighting and a large rear projection screen courtesy of Entertainment Services of Rome NY, along with the band "Negative Truth" and music by DJ Deaf Geoff. The screen showed the Clubbers' new headshots by Ramon Aiello of and also CNYRD's sponsors and recruitment info.

The barbershop quartet "Firestorm" sang the National Anthem to get the bout started. During the equipment check on the big screen was a demo of how roller derby is played.

The Clubbers jumped out to an early lead of 32 points over the Rottenchesters in the first few jams.

During the first period, as Murder Antoinette (Clubbers) rounded the first turn Poplockndropya (Rottenchesters) dropped her with a beautiful shoulder hit. Unfortunately Murder's left knee hit the concrete hard and she may have torn an ACL. Sic Lee Twist3d from the Clubbers also was faced with a knee injury which may be another ACL problem. Both ladies stayed out of the game in the second half but are recovering well.

Halftime ended with the Clubbers leading the Rottenchesters by over 40 points. As the second half got under way many skaters from both teams faced penalties
which caused the referees to have several meetings in center of the track.
The game ended with a final score of 165 Clubbers to 72 Rottenchesters.

MVP's for the night where awarded to Queen Kicktoria from the Rottenchesters and
to Farmer's Slaughter from the Clubbers, and both ladies received awesome MVP trophies made from re-purposed Utica Club cans in the shape of rollerskates made by CNYRD's own Chiropractor (see pic)

Overall was a great bout and both teams came together afterwards to celebrate at Delvecchios with a Caveman DJ and plenty of dancing fun

Pictures from the bout can be viewed with the links below. Please add comments to this log with any other media from the event you see. We love to have it all in one place. Thank you!

Ramon Aiello Photos

Rob Perry Photos

Andrea Kennedy Photos

Mitch McAllister Photos

Walter Romero Photos

Video by artisthoch62

Video by lpatriq2

Thursday, June 24, 2010

THIS Saturday! Utica Clubbers vs. Rotten Chesters

This Saturday, June 26th CNYRD's Utica Clubbers will take on Roc City Roller Derby's RottenChesters (Rochester, NY) in "Summer Crush", our big summer kickoff bout. The bout is at JFK Arena, 500 W Embargo St in Rome NY. The doors will open to the public at 6pm, and the bout starts at 7pm.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Advance tickets can be purchased at the Tramontane Cafe (Utica), Cafe Domenico (Utica), and Bill's Variety (Rome). Under 10 yrs old and over 65 yrs old is free!

This bout will mark some firsts in CNYRD history. We will have event lighting and camera/projection work from Entertainment Services of Rome NY, and we will be displaying our new headshots from Ramon Aiello of for the Clubbers on the big projection screen.

The halftime band will be Negative Truth, and the National Anthem will be sung by Barbershop Quartet "Firestorm".

We have DJ Deaf Geoff providing bout music, and Harry Crumb announcing.

So come on out and enjoy the first weekend of summer with CNYRD and tell us who YOUR summer crush is!

Monday, June 21, 2010

We're taking it up a notch (or three!)

Bill DiPaolo is a Rome, NY native and lucky for us is a supporter of things cool and local. He operates Entertainment Services, a full service audio, lighting, and video production company based out of Rome but serving a worldwide customer base. Bill came to a few of this season's bouts and approached us with a keen eye for production. After talking with him, we realized that there was huge potential in gaining his help to take it up a (huge) notch in our AV needs at bouts. CNYRD has always wanted to have our bouts be events and not just a simple sports game. Bill brings this to the table.
Starting with the June 26th bout vs Roc City's Rottenchesters, Entertainment Services will be providing overhead lighting on the track, officials, penalty boxes, etc, and also a large rear projection screen showing live action closeups of the bout in progress, along with information showing each individual skater, ads for sponsors, etc.
Please join us in experiencing the new phase of CNY Roller Derby! We play by WFTDA rules with an emphasis on real athleticism, but that doesn't mean the atmosphere at our bouts cant be as awesome as what you saw on TV in the '80's!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Headshots, courtesy of Ramon Aiello

When we saw the pictures Ramon Aiello of was taking, over a year ago, we couldnt help ourselves but approach him about doing derby headshots for CNYRD. His past work on an individual basis with a few of our skaters and friends were astounding and beautiful. Ramon's work just screamed roller derby to us, and we were right!

Ramon signed on as a league sponsor in late 2009, and has been working tirelessly to entertain our crazy practice/game schedule in order to catch our members for headshots when we're not all gross and sweaty....not an easy task! Ramon was and is very interested in finding each subject's comfort zone and bringing their derby persona to the surface, and we couldn't have asked for better! You can see the new headshots HERE. The pic you see in this post is one from the series, of E-Gore.

Please check back soon for more new headshots, and if you are looking for awesome photography done in CNY, contact Ramon! You can see Ramon's website by clicking HERE.

Friday, June 18, 2010

CNYRD Travels to Ithaca for interleague scrimmage

On Thursday 6/17/2010 members of CNYRD travelled to Cortland, NY to play an interleague scrimmage against the ladies of the Ithaca SufferJets. The SufferJets had their competition roster ready to go, and CNYRD had a mix of vets, 1rst season recruits, and even first time bouters. Not surprisingly, the score reflected this mix of skaters, but everyone did a great job.
Back in April 2008, Ithaca were the hosts of CNYRD's first EVER public bout, skating as the Asylum City Lunatics, and it was great to see some of the same faces and get to catch up on old times with the team. There were lots of new faces, too, and certainly some great talent.
Ithaca were great hosts and we cant wait to do it again and return the favor and have them come to us sometime soon! Perhaps an Ithaca A&B team vs CNYRD A&B team double header next season.......?

Photos of the scrimmage by Walter Romero (Hispanic Attack)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our June bout is the 26th, NOT the 12th or 5th :)

Our venue, our ticket locations, our staff, and our website have been deluged with requests for information and confusion over upcoming events in regional roller derby. While we are flattered that when local press covers anything related to roller derby, we are just assumed to be the subject by all of our awesome fans, it's not always true that its about us, so we want to make sure everyone is aware of the facts-

There is a second local roller derby league started in July of 2008 which is called 'The Utica Rollergirls' or 'URG' for short. Their league name is also the name that they compete under as a team name. CNYRD's travel / all-star team is called 'The Utica Clubbers', established in December 2007, and it seems that the two names are so similar that our fans, the other league's fans, and even our own families are getting confused over who's events are who's. It may be further confusing to see many CNYRD/Clubbers/Blue Collar Betties skaters in attendance at URG's home events, but we are simply there as spectators, just like you.

Many information requests have asked about a bout that people think we are holding on either June 5th or 12th. On June 5th, our good friends the Albany All-Stars are in fact having a bout, and you can see the details HERE. This is the only roller derby bout from Albany to Syracuse on June 5th that we are aware of. On June 12th, The Utica Rollergirls are holding a bout in New Hartford. CNYRD does not have an event that day. CNYRD is competing against Rochester's (Roc City's) Rottenchesters on June 26th at JFK Arena in Rome. See details HERE. CNYRD's home season games will ALL be at JFK arena in Rome.

If you bought an advance ticket for our event and meant to buy one for the other league, please email us at and we will be happy to refund you.

We hope that this confusion dwindles with time. We encourage our fans to check out regional roller derby and support these leagues by attending their events. You'll see CNYRD skaters at both. Come say hi and sit with us! We hope to see you all on June 26th in Rome!

The coolest yearbook photo ever....

We thought this was so awesome we just had to share....
CNYRD's own Chiropractor #911 certainly has a dedicated fan base all her own. At every bout you can see Chiro shirts, signs, and banners. Chiro's family is always leading the charge. You'll spot them by their "911" shirts and crazy cheering as Chiro does 'The Worm' in her intro.
Chiro's nephew Phillip, who graduates from Remsen High School on June 27th, had a very special yearbook photo taken to show how much he loves his Aunt Chiro and his favorite roller derby team.
We couldnt be more excited for Phillip as he racks up scholarships and opportunities and we know he'll do great. We're so proud to be 'his' league!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 26th Tickets Available NOW!!! Rome ticket location!

Tickets are now available for CNYRD's Utica Clubbers vs Roc City Roller Derby's (Rochester)Rotten Chesters on Saturday June 26th at JFK Arena in Rome NY. Presale tickets are $10. Tickets at the door are $12. As always, $1 of each door ticket goes to YWCA's Domestic Violence programs, kids 10 & under are free, and adults 65 & over are free.

Presale tickets are available at:

Cafe Domenico
2011 Genessee St, Utica NY

The Tramontane Cafe
1105 Lincoln Ave, Utica NY

Bill's Variety
504 W. Thomas St, Rome NY

and online at HERE.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CNYRD skates the Rayhill trail

In order to make room for another awesome class of newbies to have their own rink time on Tuesday nights, the advanced skaters of CNYRD have been doing all sorts of creative training with our normal Tuesday practice times. On 5/17 we got together and watched bout video of the Clubbers recent bout vs. New Hampshire's Skate Free Or Die on a projection screen and picked our strategy apart. On 5/25, we met at the Rayhill Memorial Trail in New Hartford and did an approx. 8 mile outdoor skate with 1 mile time trials. On Tues 6/1 we met at the arena and had an off skates aerobics class led by our own E-Gore. The summer only gets more fun from here as we plan more outdoor skates and off skates workouts and meetings with our Tuesdays.

If you'd like to see more pictures of our trail skate by our friend Marc Goldberg, please click HERE