Monday, June 21, 2010

We're taking it up a notch (or three!)

Bill DiPaolo is a Rome, NY native and lucky for us is a supporter of things cool and local. He operates Entertainment Services, a full service audio, lighting, and video production company based out of Rome but serving a worldwide customer base. Bill came to a few of this season's bouts and approached us with a keen eye for production. After talking with him, we realized that there was huge potential in gaining his help to take it up a (huge) notch in our AV needs at bouts. CNYRD has always wanted to have our bouts be events and not just a simple sports game. Bill brings this to the table.
Starting with the June 26th bout vs Roc City's Rottenchesters, Entertainment Services will be providing overhead lighting on the track, officials, penalty boxes, etc, and also a large rear projection screen showing live action closeups of the bout in progress, along with information showing each individual skater, ads for sponsors, etc.
Please join us in experiencing the new phase of CNY Roller Derby! We play by WFTDA rules with an emphasis on real athleticism, but that doesn't mean the atmosphere at our bouts cant be as awesome as what you saw on TV in the '80's!

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