Friday, June 4, 2010

Our June bout is the 26th, NOT the 12th or 5th :)

Our venue, our ticket locations, our staff, and our website have been deluged with requests for information and confusion over upcoming events in regional roller derby. While we are flattered that when local press covers anything related to roller derby, we are just assumed to be the subject by all of our awesome fans, it's not always true that its about us, so we want to make sure everyone is aware of the facts-

There is a second local roller derby league started in July of 2008 which is called 'The Utica Rollergirls' or 'URG' for short. Their league name is also the name that they compete under as a team name. CNYRD's travel / all-star team is called 'The Utica Clubbers', established in December 2007, and it seems that the two names are so similar that our fans, the other league's fans, and even our own families are getting confused over who's events are who's. It may be further confusing to see many CNYRD/Clubbers/Blue Collar Betties skaters in attendance at URG's home events, but we are simply there as spectators, just like you.

Many information requests have asked about a bout that people think we are holding on either June 5th or 12th. On June 5th, our good friends the Albany All-Stars are in fact having a bout, and you can see the details HERE. This is the only roller derby bout from Albany to Syracuse on June 5th that we are aware of. On June 12th, The Utica Rollergirls are holding a bout in New Hartford. CNYRD does not have an event that day. CNYRD is competing against Rochester's (Roc City's) Rottenchesters on June 26th at JFK Arena in Rome. See details HERE. CNYRD's home season games will ALL be at JFK arena in Rome.

If you bought an advance ticket for our event and meant to buy one for the other league, please email us at and we will be happy to refund you.

We hope that this confusion dwindles with time. We encourage our fans to check out regional roller derby and support these leagues by attending their events. You'll see CNYRD skaters at both. Come say hi and sit with us! We hope to see you all on June 26th in Rome!

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  1. On June 12, Pioneer Valley is also hosting Central Mass. If you love men's derby now, we'd love to see you in Holyoka, MA! A bunch of these guys from both teams played out in Rome last month.