Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bout Recap, 6/26/2010

On June 26th 2010 @ 6 pm the doors to the Kennedy Arena in Rome, NY opened to host CNYRD's Utica Clubbers VS. the ROC CITY RottenChesters of Rochester, NY in "Summer Crush", CNYRD's summer kickoff bout.

As everyone arrived they got to witness the new track setup of event lighting and a large rear projection screen courtesy of Entertainment Services of Rome NY, along with the band "Negative Truth" and music by DJ Deaf Geoff. The screen showed the Clubbers' new headshots by Ramon Aiello of Phodograph.com and also CNYRD's sponsors and recruitment info.

The barbershop quartet "Firestorm" sang the National Anthem to get the bout started. During the equipment check on the big screen was a demo of how roller derby is played.

The Clubbers jumped out to an early lead of 32 points over the Rottenchesters in the first few jams.

During the first period, as Murder Antoinette (Clubbers) rounded the first turn Poplockndropya (Rottenchesters) dropped her with a beautiful shoulder hit. Unfortunately Murder's left knee hit the concrete hard and she may have torn an ACL. Sic Lee Twist3d from the Clubbers also was faced with a knee injury which may be another ACL problem. Both ladies stayed out of the game in the second half but are recovering well.

Halftime ended with the Clubbers leading the Rottenchesters by over 40 points. As the second half got under way many skaters from both teams faced penalties
which caused the referees to have several meetings in center of the track.
The game ended with a final score of 165 Clubbers to 72 Rottenchesters.

MVP's for the night where awarded to Queen Kicktoria from the Rottenchesters and
to Farmer's Slaughter from the Clubbers, and both ladies received awesome MVP trophies made from re-purposed Utica Club cans in the shape of rollerskates made by CNYRD's own Chiropractor (see pic)

Overall was a great bout and both teams came together afterwards to celebrate at Delvecchios with a Caveman DJ and plenty of dancing fun

Pictures from the bout can be viewed with the links below. Please add comments to this log with any other media from the event you see. We love to have it all in one place. Thank you!

Ramon Aiello Photos

Rob Perry Photos

Andrea Kennedy Photos

Mitch McAllister Photos

Walter Romero Photos

Video by artisthoch62

Video by lpatriq2

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