Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Headshots, courtesy of Ramon Aiello

When we saw the pictures Ramon Aiello of was taking, over a year ago, we couldnt help ourselves but approach him about doing derby headshots for CNYRD. His past work on an individual basis with a few of our skaters and friends were astounding and beautiful. Ramon's work just screamed roller derby to us, and we were right!

Ramon signed on as a league sponsor in late 2009, and has been working tirelessly to entertain our crazy practice/game schedule in order to catch our members for headshots when we're not all gross and sweaty....not an easy task! Ramon was and is very interested in finding each subject's comfort zone and bringing their derby persona to the surface, and we couldn't have asked for better! You can see the new headshots HERE. The pic you see in this post is one from the series, of E-Gore.

Please check back soon for more new headshots, and if you are looking for awesome photography done in CNY, contact Ramon! You can see Ramon's website by clicking HERE.

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