Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nail Creek Pub: Our 2011 All-Stars Uniform Sponsor

We would like to give a HUGE thank-you and shout out to Chris and Tracy Talgo and the rest of the crew at Nail Creek Pub & Brewery for donating the money for CNYRD to have fancy new travel team uniforms made for 2011.

The uniforms, custom designed by CNYRD and produced by Cisco, have been commented on among the derby community as a noticeable step up in our travel team image. You can see the All-Stars in action back in March vs. Lehigh Valley wearing the uniforms in this really cool stop action video made by Pete Rodriguez, compiled from photos he took at the bout.

CNYRD could not be happier to count Nail Creek as a major sponsor. Beyond being a roller derby supporter from the earliest days of CNYRD, the Nail Creek has also been very supportive of other amateur sports teams in the area, and also community activism and outreach. Chris and Tracy took a dilapidated (and that's a serious understatement!) building in the brewery district on Varick St in Utica and slowly remodeled it into one of the most beautiful pubs around. You can read about the process here. CNYRD's start and slow build over the past 3 years to the league it is today has in many ways paralleled this process; re-birthing a nearly lost sport and bringing it back into the culture of CNY as an anchor sporting attraction.

At right, you can see the special team jersey we had made for Nail Creek to commemorate their contribution, to be presented for hanging in the pub in the near future.

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