Monday, May 30, 2011

Tuesday 5/31 8pm: Blue Collar Betties vs Utica Clubbers, friends and family bout

On Tuesday May 31st, 2011, CNYRD will host the second in a series of intraleague bouts leading up to our season championship on July 30th. This bout will be a 'Friends and Family' event. What this means is that we invite you, our friends and family, to come watch with a suggested Linkdonation at the door of $3.

There are no programs, no vendors, no halftime show, no fancy introductions etc......this is bare bones roller derby. We run it as a regulation bout in every way, and we take it very seriously, but it is not a full production event. We will have some league merchandise available for sale, and the arena will likely do light food and drink vending.

This is a great chance for you to see how the home teams stack up against each other for future games, and also a nice way to get to know your favorite players when there's not the craziness of a full bout to distract us.

There will be 6 intraleague games total, a full double round robin, and the championship game. The dates and matchups of these games are:

4/9 7pm - Rome Wreckers vs Utica Clubbers - friends and family
4/30 7pm - Utica Clubbers vs Blue Collar Betties
5/29 12pm- Utica Clubbers vs Blue Collar Betties - friends and family
6/4 6pm - Blue Collar Betties vs Rome Wreckers
6/26 12pm - Blue Collar Betties vs Rome Wreckers - friends and family
7/2 6pm - Rome Wreckers vs Utica Clubbers 7/30 8:30pm - Intraleague Championship!

This is the second match up between the Blue Collar Betties and the Utica Clubbers this season. On 4/30, these two teams played a public bout (The Icebreaker) which was the 2011 debut of the BCB's and saw the Clubbers coming off a win against the Rome Wreckers at the first friends and family event on 4/9. The BCB's won that bout 118-92, and are definitely looking to hold onto their winning record, while the Clubbers are clearly looking to avenge the loss.

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