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5/14/2011 Bout Recap: CNY All-Stars vs Ithaca SufferJets

Group Photo by Nic Sammond

College graduations and high school proms didnt stop awesome derby from being had this weekend in Rome, NY. CNY Roller Derby hosted the Ithaca League of Women Rollers for the CNY All-Stars first home bout of the 2011 season versus the Ithaca SufferJets, titled "Blood, Sweat, and Fears".

The All-Stars came into the game undefeated for the season so far, coming off solid victories against Lehigh Valley and Long Island in recent weeks. Playing down veteran blockers Little Bastard #5 and Lady Die Mentia #3 due to injuries, and remembering the schooling Ithaca dealt to CNY in its first ever away game in 2008, the CNY roster and bench staff were taking no chances on playing this game smart and safe.

The All-Stars took the lead from the very beginning of this game and never gave it up. Jammers Spin Spin Sugar #230, Gutshot #5689, Pied Viper #333, Mean Squeak #27, and Sinful Pleasures #xxx0 repeatedly grabbed lead jammer status and did not fail to put up points. CNY's blockers played a very strategic game allowing lots of points to be scored and not many given up. Overall, CNY's jamming squad each had 20+ points in the game. In the first half, Pied Viper put up a 25-0 jam that allowed CNY to break away with a comfortable margin. However, Ithaca did not just lay down and take it. To the contrary, their blockers were dishing out big hits left and right, and quite a few times crowd members ended up with CNY players in their laps. The score at the halfwas 74-28 in favor of CNY.

The slow pack work, even at times resulting in clockwise packs, necessitated quite a few officials time outs as the refs sorted out direction of gameplay issues and made sure all calls were being reported in correctly. While so many zebra huddles make for anxious fans, both benches were thankful that the refs and NSO's took the time to make sure things were right.

Photo by Mel Mogensen

The final score was CNY 180- Ithaca 68. High scorers were Spin Spin Sugar for CNY with 46 points, and for Ithaca AKT*47 with 17 points. Penalty queens this game were Cereal Suicide for CNY with 5 trips to the box and AKT*47 for Ithaca with 4 trips. MVP's were Moody Obsession #5150 for CNY and AKT*47 for Ithaca.

MVP photo by Ramon Aiello

This bout also served as a bottle and can drive for the victims of the fire on Schuyler St in Utica last week which claimed 4 lives. We are happy to report that we collected a TON of cans and bottles for the cause. We'll have an accurate count sometime soon this week, but here's a quick picture of the 20ish garbage bags full that are awaiting pickup at the venue:

In other charity related news, this event also put another $115 into our donation fund for the Oneida-Lewis chapter of The Arc, our 2011 season non-profit partner.

This event marked a bitter sweet milestone for CNY Roller Derby: Doris Doomsday #818 skated her last bout with CNYRD. 'Doom', as she is known, is moving to Toronto, and we will all be very sad to see her (and Nic!) go. Doom served as the league's PR chair for the 2010 season and the league benefitted greatly from her guidance. We are sure that no matter where she is Doom will continue to be a name you hear about in flat track roller derby. All-Stars captain Gutshot had poignant words to share for Doom and Chairwoman Little Bastard presented her with flowers from the league.
Photo by Pete Rodriguez

Big thanks are due to our guest DJ, Gary Acey, for making the music happen on short notice, and helping us out big time! He not only loaned us extra speakers to make sure the folks at the ends of the stands could hear, but then loaded out super fast at teh end of the bout and was set up and ready for dance contests at the afterparty byt the time we got there!

Big thanks are also due to our very own Broadway Mu-Psycho for her awesome National Anthem, and to announcers BlackJack and Harry Crumb for holding it down all night. We couldnt do it without awesome volunteers!

Coming up Soon!

Next up for CNYRD, On Saturday June 4th CNYRD Presents the Derbyzilla Double Header- you get to see all 3 of CNY's home teams play in one day- The Utica Clubbers take on The ManchVegas Roller Girls of NH, and the Blue Collar Betties play the Rome Wreckers. More info to come soon!

For the All-Stars, the next 2 bouts are away, but not too far.....on June 11th the All-Stars take on Syracuse's Assault City A-Team in Syracuse, and on June 18th, the All-Stars head out to Buffalo for their biggest challenge yet this year- skating against the higher ranked and more experienced Queen City Lake Effect Furies. Check back here for ticket and travel info!

Media from the bout:

Photos by Ramon Aiello

Photos by Pete Rodriguez Part 1 Part 2

Photos by Mel Mogensen

Photos by Shatterbug11

Photos by Nic Sammond

Photos by Hispanic Attack

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