Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bottle Drive for Fire Victims this Saturday 5/14

Hello all.
Central New York is a big geographic area with a VERY small town feel. We all know each other in some way or another. So when tragedy strikes our area you can bet that at least one person involved with CNYRD has a personal connection.

On Monday one of the worst house fires in recent history claimed the lives of three young children and their mother on Schuyler St in Utica. The whole story is pretty awful. You can read info on it and see some video here.
Some of us know family and friends of this family, we know the news people who covered it, and we know the firefighters who fought it, and we want to do something to help out. There's a 10 yr old child who was at school when this occurred who is now without her mother and siblings.

We heard about this bottle and can drive, being started by Stash's Hit N' Run Redemption Center, and we thought about our bout this weekend and realized we might be able to make a considerable difference.

We would like to ask everyone planning to attend the bout to bring your cans and bottles for this cause. If you show up with at least one kitchen sized trash bag full, we will admit you at the pre-sale price of $8. But please, please, please; try to bring more than that. Load up your vehicle. We will have volunteers on hand who will be happy to help you bring it inside.

The folks at Stash's have agreed to come with a truck on Monday to pick up our haul. We would love it if it took two or three truckloads to cart it all away.

Thank you in advance for helping us make a difference in this terrible situation.
If you would like to help out in other ways, there is a donation box at the Tramontane Cafe, and also there is a carwash going on today, 5/11 on Court St by the brewery. Please stay on the lookout for other donation opportunities.

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  1. I HAVE RECYCLABLES! too bad my car is too f'ed up to travel...GRRRR!