Friday, August 20, 2010

Open House/Skate 9/14, New skater Class Starts 9/21!!!

LAST CHANCE in 2010 to become a skater or ref for CNY Roller Derby: We are hosting an open house-open skate-meet and greet on Tuesday Sept 14th from 7-10pm at the JFK Arena, 500 W Embargo St, Rome NY.

There is no obligation to join from up, meet the girls (and guys) of CNYRD, talk to us about how you'd like to be involved and tell us about yourselves. Best part is- It's all FREE. If you'd like to skate, you can sign a waiver, throw on some pads and skates that we supply, and cruise around with us for a couple hours.

If you decide you like it (and we KNOW you will!) we have a new skater class starting the very next week, on Tues Sept 21st from 7-10pm at the Utica Center for Development gym, 726 Washington St in Utica (former YMCA). The new skater program runs for 12 weeks, and covers everything you need to become an awesome new skater. We spend the first 4-6 weeks covering nothing but the basics- stance, strice, crossovers, balance, etc, and then we take a mini-assessment to see if you're ready for more complicated maneuvers. Once you're ready, we start showing you hitting, jumping, and all the other fun stuff. You'll also be invited at this point to also attend advanced practices simultaneously.

Overall, you have to attend 10 out of 12 of the newbie practices within the 12 week period, and also at least 3 of the advanced practices during the same timeframe.

If you have questions about costs, insurance, gear, etc, please contact our Recruitment Committee Chair, Bitter Swede at

If you are interested in referreeing or NSO'ing, please contact our Administrative Head Ref, I.M. Law at

This new skater class will end on Tues Dec 14th and there will not be another one until Spring of 2011.

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