Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bout Recap, 7/31/2010

On Saturday July 31st 2010, CNYRD's Utica Clubbers hosted the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls travel team at JFK Arena in Rome NY.

The Clubbers came away with what many will say is the biggest win in the teams young history. After a slow start and trailing by nine the Clubber’s Slay West stepped to the jammer line in the 6th jam and pulled off an 11 point jam that put the Clubbers back in the game. In the following jam Moody Obsession hammered down a Grand Slam to give the home town team their first lead of the game.

The fans in attendance were in for a treat after that. In the first half alone there were five lead changes. At the half the Clubbers had a narrow 42-40 lead in what was turning into a classic.

In the first 4 jams of the second half the fans saw a lead change and eventually a tie score at 46 all. Then #27 Mean Squeak came to the jammer line and put in a 5 point jam to give the Clubbers a lead they would hold onto for the rest of the game. Lehigh was not going to go down easily as they kept the game close and the fans on the edge of there seat until the final jam.

With a 15 point lead Utica sent Lady Die Mentia to the jammer line for the final jam. Lady Die known more for her blocking and devastating hits then her jamming skills did not disappoint. Lehigh quickly grabbed lead jammer status but was followed closely by Lady Die. After a big hit sent the Lehigh jammer to the track she was forced to call it off but not until Lady Die Mentia picked up 3 more points for the Clubbers and a 113 to 96 win.

In a roller derby tradition each team picks the other teams MVPs for the bout. MVP for Lehigh was Vanilla CreamHer and for the Clubbers it was team captain Slay West.

The players, refs, NSOs, fans, and literally everyone who watched the game was blown away by the level of play and team work demonstrated by the Clubbers. It was truly a team effort and the Clubbers look to be in good shape heading into the home stretch of their season. Which includes 2 more home bouts and the New York State Tournament in Long Island.

The Clubbers were proud to introduce Teddy Maulgame in her first bout on the Clubbers roster. Missing in action due to injuries and illness were familiar faces Murder Antoinette, Sic Lee Twist3d, and Little Bastard.


Clubbers - Slay West
Lehigh - Vanilla CreamHer

Leading Scorer:
Clubbers - Mean Squeak 40 pts.
Lehigh - V Diva 58

Highest Points per Jam (more then one jam):
Clubbers - Moody Obsession 5 ppj
Lehigh - Vanilla CreamHer 3 ppj

Lead Status:
Clubbers - Gutshot 4
Lehigh - V Diva 10

Average Pivot +/- Leader:
Clubbers - Lady Die Mentia
Lehigh - Lin Diesel

Average Blocker +/- Leader:
Clubbers - Hot Cakes
Lehigh - Minerva Steel

Here is a link to some photos from the bout taken by Vicki Fazio Hopper.
Please add links to other media from the bout as they become available in the comments section!!

You can catch the Clubbers in action again on August 14th as they host the Yankee Brutals of CTRG in the main event of a double header. Prior to the bout will be the premier of the area's men’s team 'The Quadfathers' as they play host to the CT Death Quads.

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