Friday, August 13, 2010

CNYRD serving brews at Saranac TONIGHT!!

Apparently we made a good impression as guest beer servers for The United Way at Saranac Thursday a couple weeks ago, because they have asked us back with even more great derby people to help out again TONIGHT. I guess not spilling a lot and not arm wrestling the public for beer makes us a good choice! :)

Tonight Saranac's Summer Concert Series has Night Ranger. Yup, you read that correctly- NIGHT 'Sister Christian' from the 80's.
You can check out Saranac's website or the band's website for more details.

We had a blast working Saranac Thursday, and we absolutely adore the brewery folks and the United Way folks who make all of this happen. We're very excited to be considered for 2 spots in one summer. We love the community atmosphere at the brewery's events, and we are huge supporters of this year's United Way 'Live United' campaign.

So, come one down, see some great 80's rock, and have some awesome beers or Saranac sodas, and hang with CNYRD. We have to be good for our bout tomorrow, but YOU don't!

PS- knowing a rollergirl does not entitle anyone to free beer. Buy some drink tickets and stop being a cheapskate! :)

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