Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CNYRD accepted into the WFTDA!!!!

Today is a proud day for Central New York Roller Derby. Today we were accepted as a full member league in the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. This is our single biggest accomplishment to date, and we are thrilled. This accompishment allows us to represent our region on a national and even international scale through the association's rankings.

See WFTDA's announcement HERE.

This is an excerpt from our league's member handbook, which gives some insight on why we are so excited:

When we first looked into forming a league, we saw the website for the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and just assumed naively that every league out there lived up to the standards set forth for WFTDA leagues. We started from day 1 with meeting those requirements and bench marks as over-reaching goals, because we thought that’s just what you did to become involved in this sport. As we grew and learned more, we realized that there were plenty of other ways to be involved in Roller Derby and do it your own very fun, cool, effective, profitable way, but we always stuck to the idea that CNYRD would eventually represent WFTDA for our region, and kept working towards that goal.

CNYRD would like to extend very heartfelt thanks to some people/groups who mentored or helped us over the past year:
Black Cherry of CT Rollergirls, our derby mom from day one, for pushing us to be the best skaters we can be, and never letting us believe that doing any part of our business at 90% was enough.
Bonnie Thunders of Gotham Girls Roller Derby, for providing endless good advice on how to handle difficult situations, and believing that your hometown girls could do it:)
Gratuitous Violet of Arizona Roller Derby, for typing your fingers off back and forth around a full school schedule to get us through our apprenticeship.
The CT Rollergirls, for providing the best role models we could ask for.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stay tuned for our 2011 travel team season schedule, where you can catch your first dose of WFTDA sanctioned play right here in Central New York with your team, The CNY All-Stars.

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