Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OD Article Correction: We are NOT homeless!!!

On Monday Septemeber 20th The Observer Dispatch in Utica ran an article about a former practice space of CNYRD's called 'Skate-A-Rama'. You can see the article's text HERE.

CNYRD praticed at Skate-A-Rama from Dec 2007 through March 2009, and was coached for a time by the rink's owner, Bill Schmelcher.

The article highlights Bill's troubles with a burdensome tax debt and the threat of forclosure. Unfortunately, the printed article in Monday's paper used an old photo of former members of CNYRD playing roller derby at Skate-A-Rama, with a misleading caption which has caused much concern in the past few days by friends, family, and fans who think we are losing our current practice space.

CNYRD has not practiced in this facility since March 2009. We hold summer practices and events at JFK Arena in Rome NY and we currently have our winter practices at the Utica Center for Development (former YMCA) on Washington Ave in Utica. CNYRD wishes Bill and Skate-A-Rama the best of luck in this unfortunate situation. We hope that the community does not lose yet another skating rink, along with one of the only options for cheap indoor recreation during teh long winter months.

To sum up: We are NOT losing our home!!!! Thank you all for the concern, but we have practice space, and we have some great opportunities on the horizon which may be announced soon.

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