Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This Friday, Oct 1st, CNY Roller Derby wil be participating in the 2nd Annual Utica Zombie Walk. Some good friends of our got this going last year, and we had a fantastic time. Because what goes together better than rollergirls and zombies, right!?

A couple weeks ago during the Utica Music and Arts Fest we got together with photographer/graphic designer Darrell Nieman and ghoulish makeup artist Katrina Burnett and created some ummmm....'ads' for the event. These are SO COOL! Thanks Darrell and Katrina for making us zombie-rific!

If you're interested in being a part of the zombie walk, registration is from 5-7pm on Friday at the Uptown Theater on Genessee St in Utica. The walk kicks off from there at 7. During registration you can hear DJ's spinning live tunes while creepy rooftop footage of last year's zombie attack plays on the big screen (courtesy of our own grambo!)

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