Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Open House draws great turnout. Still time to start new skater class!!!

On Tuesday September 14th 2010, CNYRD hosted another Open House / Meet and Greet / Recruitment event at JFK Arena in Rome. We had an awesome turnout for interest in our upcoming new skater class, and got to see some wonderful family and friends who came to check things out and skate a bit. (photo cred Hispanic Attack)

There IS STILL TIME for people interested in becoming new skaters to join! The class runs 7-10pm on Tuesdays, starting September 21st and running for 12 weeks.

The class will be held at the gym at the Utica Center for Development, 726 Washington Ave in Utica NY. This is the former YMCA building for you locals. If we havent heard from you yet, please shoot an email to recruitment@cnyrollerderby.com and let us know to expect you, and show up on Tuesday!

New skaters are trained in a new-skater-only class once weekly, coached by our recruitment staff of veteran derby skaters. After the first 5-7 weeks of basics, 'newbies' are also invited to join into the advanced league practices. In total, new skaters will attend a minimum of 10 newbie practices and 3 advanced practices in a 12 week period.

By the end of the 12 weeks, our goal is to prepare you to take the WFTDA minimum skills assesments. Once you pass the skills and show us good attendance and willingness to help with the league, you are eligible for draft onto one of our 3 home teams.

The bottom line: YOU could be competing as a roller derby skater by January 2011!!!! Sound crazy? Have no skating experience? It's OK! We know how to get you there, we promise;)

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