Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tough Cookie Bake/Yard Sale Event Recap

On Saturday 9/25/2010, CNY Roller Derby hosted its second annual bake sale fundraising event at the Tramontane Cafe in Utica. Last year's event featured classic derby movies shown on the big screen an a chance to mingle with the girls and learn about roller derby.

This year's event got a lot cooler!

Dubbed 'The Tough Cookie Yard and Bake Sale', we pulled out all the stops to make this event a really fun way to fundraise in our off season. Assembled by Heather 'Freegan Brutal' Snogles and her motley crew of Non-Bout Events Committee ninjas, they really put together a nice time. Since the date of the event coincided with the streaming of WFTDA Eastern Regionals hosted by our friends at Suburbia Roller Derby in Yonkers, we had the tournament streaming on the big screen courtesy of the wonderful folks at Derby News Network (We love you DNN!). On top of the already awesome bake sale, we added a yard sale portion of the event this year under tents in the lot across Lincoln Ave from the Tram.

In case you didn't know, CNY Roller Derby has an amazing collection of bakers, cooks, crafters, and collectors of cool vintage stuff in its membership. A few are even professional confectioners! There were Gluten free treats, raw food options, Vegan yummy stuff, and a ton of decadent, amazing, tastey other treats all priced very low. By the time all the food was there, we had nearly 2 full 8' tables stuffed with baked goods!

The yard sale portion was very cool indeed...because after all, what's more fun than going shopping through derby girls' closet leftovers?! There were clothes, books, baby items, furniture, toys, and crafts, just to name a few.

To make things even more awesome, The Tram kept the food coming! Many of us took shift breaks and got our favorite Tram sandwiches for lunch and/or dinner, and continued to get waaaaay caffienated to keep us going strong. The gracious Tram regulars were awesome as usual about the bunch of us overtaking 'their' place for the day:) Many of our friends, family, and fans who had never been to the Tram before came to check it out and loved the great food, drinks, and cozy atmosphere and have said they'll be back! Thank you SOOOOO much Garrett and Robin for alowing us to take over your business again this year!

We also had our merch table set up just like at bouts, and we were so happy that people took this chance to get some more tshirts and swag. Also made special for the event were recycled bottlecap buttons made from the Tram's own bottlecaps, our recycled bout programs, and the love and elbow sweat of Little Bastard:)

Another serious thank you is due to the Foodshed Buying Club for their wonderful donations of awesome food for the sale.

Overal, the league netted more than $900.00 from this event. This money will be spent directly to foster the future of CNYRD by purchasing sets of pads and helmets from a local skate shop for our new skaters to use while they get started in the sport. This both helps CNYRD grow as a league, keeps everyone safe while learnign the sport, and supports the local economy. Thank you for helping us continue to bring in new people who are excited to learn to play the sport!

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