Monday, September 20, 2010

The Utica Clubbers Take It All in "The 315 Throwdown"

On Sunday, September 19th Central New York Roller Derby’s (CNYRD) Utica Clubbers took on Assault City Roller Derby (ACRD) in the long-awaited rematch, “The 315 Throwdown.” Hundreds of fans from around the region, including many who drove from Syracuse, came to the JFK Civic Arena in Rome to witness the thruway rivals play each other again.

The last time these teams played each other marked the emergence CNYRD, a new league comprised of mostly inexperienced skaters and skaters borrowed from other leagues. Sunday was a very different story. CNYRD now has two teams and new recruits all the time. And the league recently became WFTDA certified.

The Clubbers and Assault City both played a rough game, but CNYRD took control from the first whistle. In the very first jam, Clubbers’ jammer Mean Squeak took lead jammer status and managed to make three scoring passes before Assault City’s jammer could score a single point. Mean Squeak kept it up, scoring 50 points in the bout. The Clubbers continued to build on this mastery, ending the first half with a 40-point lead over Syracuse. Things did not improve for Assault City in the second half. Their jammers, with the exception of Blaze, could not penetrate Utica’s ferocious blocking by Lady Die Mentia, Moody Obsession, and Slay West. The final score was Clubbers 146, Assault City 66.

The two teams awarded MVP trophies at the end of the night. The MVP for Assault City was awarded to Chainsaw Mama. The MVP for the Utica Clubbers was awarded to Moody Obsession.

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