Friday, January 28, 2011

We are consolidating our Facebooks!!! Don't get left behind!!!

Long story short: We have altogether too many facebook accounts for CNYRD. We have one for the Clubbers, on for the Betties, one for the Wreckers, and two or three for the league. It's nuts trying to keep all of these updated, and probably annoying to see the same post 18 times in your newsfeed if you're friends with or like all of them.

So in an effort to make sure that YOU, our wonderful fans, keep updated on league happenings, make it easier to tag us in your posts, photos, etc, and overall make us easier to contact, we are cancelling all but ONE facebook account, our Central New York Roller Derby 'Company' page.

Please click HERE and make sure that you are friends with THIS league page, because as of Feb 4th all the others will be gone!

Thanks everyone, and cant wait to see you all at the bouts this season!

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