Monday, April 19, 2010

Interleague Scrimmage with Albany All-Stars 4/18/2010

On Sunday 4/18/2010 CNYRD was excited to host members of Albany All-Stars Roller Derby during our normal practice time for an interleague scrimmage. Congratulations to AASRD on a win of approximately 102-57.
CNYRD's scrimmage roster consisted of a mix of Clubbers and Blue Collar Betties, along with some brand new skaters competing outside the league for the first time. The scrimmage also marked the first time out of ref stripes of Die-Lon, who bench coached CNYRD. Some highlights included:
Hot Cakes' multiple succesful trips to the jammer line; Chiropractor giving and taking some huge hits; a return to the everlasting Little Bastard vs. Merry Pain rivalry (we love you Merry Pain!); Sin & Tonic's amazing ability to be heard over 40 loud rollergirls (and refs!), and a failed trip to Denny's after the scrimmage which resulted in a 1.5 hour wait followed by a short rental of Denny's food with a lot of after-Sunday-church folks looking at us kinda funny.
We had an awesome time, thanks AASRD for coming out!

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