Sunday, February 7, 2010

2/7/2010 - Scrimmage with Albany All-Stars

On Feb 7th CNYRD took our regular practice time on the road in what we hope will become a regular occurrence. Albany All-Stars Roller Derby were kind enough to host us for an interleague scrimmage, pitting the Utica Clubbers against Albany's veteran skaters and the Blue Collar Betties against Albany's newer skaters.
It was the Betties first chance to go 100% full contact, since our winter practice space dos not allow a lot of leeway....they did WONDERFUL. I have no idea if anyone kept track of the scores, but everyone skated well, no one got hurt, and we all had a fun time. We even had a visit from Albany's fire department- who were there for an alarm call but stayed to check it out a bit.

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