Monday, March 1, 2010

Flier and Tickets for March 13th bout vs Green Mountain Derby Dames

On March 13th, The Utica Clubbers are hitting the road for our last away bout before the home season starts. We'll be heading up near Burlington VT to play against the Green Mountain Derby Dames
this should be a fun road trip and a great bout.
But wait, you say! Isnt that the same day as Utica's infamous St. Patty's day parade (and subsequent debauchery)?! Well, yes, but we've decided to divide and conquer this year. The Clubbers and assorted refs and support staff are heading out early to get to VT on time, and many of the Blue Collar Betties, family, and friends are going to represent us in the parade and hand out our season schedule. Make a killer sign showing your support and there may be some free bout tickets in someone's pocket for you;)

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