Monday, July 11, 2011

Bout Recap: 7/9/11 All-Stars vs Rideau Valley Vixens

Photo by Duane Eisenburg

Step aside Boilermaker!

The CNY All Stars are back on the track and they hit the ground skating against Ontario’s Rideau Valley Vixens.
On July 9th CNY Roller Derby hosted its first international bout ever while simultaneously premiering its third quarter All-Star roster. It was a truly phenomenal game as skaters saturated the air with competitiveness and calculated strategy with a final score of CNY 195 Rideau 117.

A neck and neck start to the evening’s events left spectators on the edge of their seats and by the third jam with a score of CNY 3 Rideau 6 it was anybodies game. CNY’s jammers for the evening Gutshot #56-89, Mean Squeak #27, Pied Viper #333, Slay West #13, and Spin Spin Sugar #230 obtained lead jammer status time and time again to widen the scoring margin. An especially outstanding performance on the part of Rideau jammer Soul Rekker #55 with total 45 points for the evening and CNY’s Spin Spin Sugar #230 whom accrued a whopping 95 points! Their efforts did not go unnoticed as they were both awarded MVP for the evening.

Throughout the night blocking intensified with some spectacular hits and consistent defense. Some familiar faces in CNY’s line up had fantastic enthusiasm: Curry Plowdher #117, Anita Grenade #79, Mia Malicious #16, Hot Cakes #42 and Moody Obsession #5150 were all crushing the Canadian visitors. By the 11th jam as the score was CNY 32 RVRG 28. CNY pulled ahead towards the end of the first half. By the half CNY was up 77 to 39.

A halftime show kept the night rolling with J. Charlz, Magician extraordinaire and his lovely All Star assistants Pippi Hardknocking #2 and Little Bastard #5.

The second half kept the intensity going as hits were harder, skaters were faster and penalties were given out like free popsicles on a hot day! Sin Bin Queens for the night were Moody Obsession #5150 and Pied Vipre #333 of CNY with 5 trips to the box each and Semi Precious, ASSASSINista and Soul Rekker of Rideau each with 6 trips to the box.

Sure enough the CNY All Star mascot STAR FACE was there to keep the crowd entertained by throwing out fishnets and Swedish Fish and his usual outrageous gesturing. CNY would like to send out a big thank you to all the volunteers that make our bouts possible and safe, to the medical staff, who were a great help (roller derby is rarely injury free,) DJ Deaf Geoff for keeping our night sounding sweet and to all Refs and NSOs for making our games safe and fair.

We would also like to send a special thanks to Ida Feltersnatch for teaming up with CNY's own Blackjack as our guest announcer for this bout, which was a milestone for her (her 50th bout announcing!). Not only did she announce Saturday night, but got up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning and ran the 5k Boilermaker!!! Thanks Ida!

Photos from this bout:

By Pete Rodriguez
LinkBy Walter Romero

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