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4/9/2011 Bout Recap: Utica Clubbers vs Rome Wreckers intraleague

On Saturday 4/9/2011, CNYRD hosted its first ever official intra-league bout showcasing 2 of our 3 home teams established earlier this year: The Utica Clubbers and the Rome Wreckers.

We scheduled this as a 'soft start' to our home season, having only moved back into JFK Arena on Tuesday 4/5 and only having 1-2 times to skate on the concrete and get used to things before the bout. We advertised this as a 'Friends and Family' event, with a $3 suggested donation at the door, and we were overwhelmed to find approximately 130 people that came to watch and cheer on their favorite players.

Both teams sported new uniforms with new logo designs this season, the Wreckers logo courtesy of Rob Perry Design, and the Clubbers logo courtesy of our own Deadtime Story. Both teams had a solid mix of veteran and new skaters, many playing in their first full length bout, and also for many their first public bout. On the rosters were:

Utica Clubbers:
Chiropractor #911
Sinful Pleasures #XXX0
Little Bastard #5
Itty Bitty Bastard #410
Moody Obsession #5150
Lady Die-Mentia #3 (Captain)
Mean Squeak #27
Bloody Kisses #1313
Short E Fuze #412
Bam Bam Thunderjam #54
Pippi Hardknocking #2
Smotherly Love #X4
Frisky Whiskey #6od
E-Gore #325
Nik O'lateral Damage #77
Maiden Mayhem #1018

Rome Wreckers:
Summer of Sam #18
Bitter Swede #29
Brawla Abdul #14
Anita Grenade #79
Hotcakes #42
Gutshot #5689
Mighty Mite #93
Blood N Butter #350
Mia Malicious #16
Tamora Fierce #48
Hitgirl #2112

Bench Coaches: Mellfire, Murder Antoinette, Spin Spin Sugar

The game was far more hard hitting and physical than anyone expected, with a level of play akin to 2010's travel team bouts. The Clubbers used expert pack control to bring the pack to a near standstill forcing the Wreckers to frequently skate back to re-form quickly, and allowing their jammers to make more scoring passes. The Wreckers made use of their overall faster jamming abilities and really made it difficult for the Clubbers to keep up once lead was given to them.

The half saw the Clubbers up by approx 20 points, and it was clearly still anyone's game.
The final score was Utica Clubbers 177- Rome Wreckers 105.

MVP's were Summer of Sam for the Wreckers and Short E Fuze for the Clubbers.

Also making their public debut with CNYRD were refs Doom Buggy, XS'V Force, and Mr T.

The next intraleague bout will take place on April 30th, in a full production public event, between The Utica Clubbers and the Blue Collar Betties.

The next Friends and Family bout will be on Sunday May 29th at 12pm. Look for more details soon!

Photos by Pete Rodriguez

(please add links to other media from this bout as it becomes available in the comments section!)Link

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