Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bout Recap 4/2/2011: CNY All-Stars at Albany

On Saturday 4/2/2011 CNYRD's CNY All-Stars traveled to Albany NY to participate in a historic double header bout event.

The first bout of the night pitted the new Capital District Trauma Authority against our brother league, The Quadfathers, in the first ever men's roller derby bout between two NY based men's leagues. The Washington Ave Armory was packed, and it seemed that for some who were experiencing men's derby for the first time, it was shocking to see the big hits, hard falls, and aggressive play that the boys love so much. CDTA jumped out to an early lead, and despite the Quadfathers coming back to a small lead before the half, ultimately CDTA took the game 110-77. It was great fun for our players, staff, friends, and fans to see the guys take the track and do so well.

The main event started with CNY jumping out to an early lead. The first 6 jams of this game truly decided the outcome with CNY grabbing a solid lead and holding it the rest of the game;

The first jam saw Albany jammer Dottie Damage #10k thrown into the penalty box on a major track cut drawn by CNY blocker Moody Obsession, clearing the way for CNY jammer Spin Spin Sugar #230 to score a 15-0 first jam. The following 5 jams heavily favored CNY, as Albany was held to only 1 or 2 points as CNY continued to rack them up.

Ultimately, the CNY All Stars won this game on a combination of smart jam calling strategies, big power jams that saw the Albany jammer and sometimes multiple blockers in the penalty box, and excellent back-of-pack blocking courtesy mainly of Moody Obsession and Cereal Suicide, usually on alternating jams.

The final score was 135-82 in favor of CNY. This breaks a long awaited streak of CNY and Albany matchups going back to 2009 that always saw Albany as the victor, which culminated at last year’s Empire Skate Showdown when CNY lost 57-59 to Albany in a nail biter final jam for second place in the tournament.

This was also the retirement bout for Albany founder and star Dottie Damage #10k, who will be out at least the rest of this season, and we already cant wait to share the track with her again. Love you Dottie!

Helmet cam video from Jam Ref Ludachris Speedhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
Period 1
Period 2 (coming soon!)

Photos by Sugar Daddy Part 1 Part 2
Photos by Hispanic Attack (coming soon to this page)
Photos by Nic Sammond Part 1 Part 2
Photos by Mel Mogensen

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