Friday, March 18, 2011

Come See Us This Weekend

You can find your favorite rollergirls in two places this weekend (How do we do that? Magic. Roller magic.).

Here in Utica, look for our table at
The Peacemaker Program's Come To The Table event at Hart's Hill Inn on Friday and Saturday. You can join us at the very swanky Premier Party starting at 6 pm tonight, check out our table from 10 am until 6 pm tomorrow at the Main Event, and, if you are feeling flush, bid on our table, which includes some very excellent CNYRD swag.

Main Event tickets are available for $5 at the door, but you have to get on the list in advance for the Premier Party, so follow those links and come see us.

Feeling like a road trip? With weather like this, who isn't? Head on down to Pennsylvania to see our road opener.
The CNYRD All-Stars take on Lehigh Valley at 7 pm at the Independence Family Fun Center in Schnecksville, Pa, looking to pick up their first victory of the season against V-Diva and the Hissyfits. Your favorite CNYRD skaters, like Moody Obsession, Pied Viper and Slay West are back, while you can see transfer skaters Spin Spin Sugar, Sinful Pleasures and Cereal Suicide settle in for their first full season with CNYRD.

In last season's meeting at CNYRD's home track, the JFK Civic Center in Rome, CNYRD's travel team, skating as the Utica Clubbers, came away with a 119-96 victory. CNYRD utilized strong pack control and deployed quick-footed blocker Moody Obsession to shut down Lehigh Valley's leading scorer, jammer V-Diva. Moody Obsession held V-Diva to just 58 points and sent her back to the locker room with a second-period expulsion, paving the way for CNYRD's victory.

In this season's rematch, the Hissyfits will turn to V-Diva to avoid a loss on their home track. CNYRD returns veteran skaters including blocker/jammer Moody Obsession, blockers Lady Die Mentia and Slay West, and jammers Mean Squeak and Farmer's Slaughter. Several former Utica Rollergirls will start their first full season with CNYRD, including jammers Spin Spin Sugar and Sinful Pleasures and blocker Cereal Suicide.

Recap: If you are staying in Utica this weekend, find us at Come to the Table on Friday and Saturday. If you're headed out of town, we're at the Independence Family Fun Center taking on Lehigh Valley on Saturday. See you there!

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