Sunday, March 20, 2011

Want to Join? 2011 Recruitment starts April 6th!!!!

We are sorry to have been so vague on our plans for the next recruitment class over the past months. We have finalized our summer schedule and now we can get you all on skates! We've already had an amazing outpouring of interest for potential new skaters, and we hope to see another super-sized recruitment class graduate in August.

[Drumroll] and here's the details:
On Wednesday April 6th from 7-10pm and on Saturday April 9th from 10a-12p, we will host a series of Meet & Greet / Open House / Open Skates at JFK Arena in Rome NY (map below)
This is a chance to come meet the girls and guys, talk about the program, see some examples of drills, and even lace up some skates and strap on some pads (we provide!) and try out some skating. These two dates have NO COSTS....they are 100% free.

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Starting Wed April 13th, we will have Basic Skating classes every Wed 7-10pm and Saturdays 10a-12p for 4 weeks, ending on Saturday May 7th. These classes will concentrate solely on the basics...strides, crossovers, stops, stance, balance, etc. At the end of the 4 weeks those that are ready may move into our 12 week newbie training program. For those who may need more time with the basics, we will make floor time available during newbie classes at one end of the arena to continue skating and practicing for the next newbie class.

Newbie training will keep the same schedule, and will start Wed May 11th and run through Sat July 30th. In this 12 week training period, you will learn everything you need to be a beginner derby player. Our goal is to have you pass the WFTDA's minimum skating skills test and be a scrimmage ready skater by August.

Now, for costs:
  • as we said, the meet and greets are free.
  • the beginner classes will be either $30 for the month, or $5 for each class you attend.
  • Once newbie class starts, the fee is $30 per month. This is the same as our regular league members pay for dues, so there will be no jump in prices after newbie class is over.
  • At any point during new skater training (Basic Skating, Newbie Class) if anyone needs to use our rental skates or pads, its $5 per use (skates&pads, just skates, just pads, whatever, its $5)
  • You will be expected by the end of Basic Skating to also pay for a skating insurance policy through WFTDA. The exact fee will be no more than $55 and will cover you for the rest of 2011.
  • You will be expected by the end of Newbie Class (end of July) to own all of your own gear. The recruitment staff will go over all of this for you and we will organize times with some of our sponsors to be fitted and check out different products we recommend. Ask us before you buy anything!

We cant wait to see a new group of bright shining faces this summer, and by next fall we hope to see a lot of new bout ready skaters and maybe even a 4th home team (!)

Any questions please contact Bitter Swede, our recruitment committee chair, at

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