Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bout Recap 3/19/2011: CNY All-Stars @ Lehigh Valley Hissyfits

All photos by Pete Rodriguez

We bring you good news: specifically, a 177-142 victory over the Hissyfits in the CNY All-Stars first game of the season.

This bout was a lively one! With a sellout crowd of the building's capacity of 600, by 5 minutes before the scheduled whistle time there were lines out the door, around the building, and through the parking lot for both the will call and ticket purchase lines. With bout staff doing everything in their power to get people in quickly, on top of dealing with all of our needs to get folks who made the drive from Utica in OK (thank you LVRG for helping us out!), we were able to get going 15 minutes late with no complaints from anyone involved....from what we could tell this crowd was INTO their derby! It was so loud from the fans that both teams were having trouble hearing whistles, and we all know a Fox 40 gets LOUD! It was a great time.

This bout was decided on power jams- but Gutshot, the All-Stars MVP, is the first to admit that it's the blockers who matter most during a power play. Gutshot scored 26 points in a power jam in the first half which contributed greatly to the All-Stars breaking ahead and gaining momentum.

I didn't expect (to be MVP) because I thought that my blockers deserved it,” said Gutshot. “I would have been nothing without my blockers; almost all of my points were in power jams.”

The All-Stars were up by twenty at the half, and V-Diva put on a fireworks show in the final jam, scoring 30 points in a Lehigh Valley powerjam. It wasn't enough to close the gap, and the bout ended 177-142, but 30 points? We tip our helmets.

Parker Paxa Punch took home the MVP trophy for the Hissyfits. Parker has been a staple on the Hissyfits since 2009.

Didn't make the trip to Pennsylvania? Hoping we'll show up closer to home? On April 2, the All-Stars storm the Washington Ave Armory, where they'll take on the ladies of the Albany All-Stars. The two teams will meet for the first time since last year's nail-biting 59-57 semi-final game at the Empire Skate Showdown. We know a few fierce CNY skaters who are looking to avenge that loss, and you know our skates are actually powered by crowd noise (hint hint!)

Individual photos by Pete Rodriguez

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Check out this AMAZING stop-motion animation Pete made from his pics of the bout!!

Photos by Walter Romero

More pics to come! If you have any, please leave a comment with a link to the album for us!


  1. Woot Woot!!! Awesome job, All Stars!! I can't wait to watch you in action on 4/2!